3 ways coffee is made around the world

This one is for all the coffee lovers out there who cannot go a day without caffeine in their system or just people who are curious about how coffee is had in different parts of the globe. Coffee is an indispensible part of my life and I need it least twice every day. Everyone has a certain way they like to have their beverages and it is extremely personalized. This is completely subjective, but there is no other beverage in the world that can refresh you like a nice mug of hot coffee. These ways can definitely get a little bit repetitive and there are days when you wish you would want to spice it up and feel like having something different, and this article will show you some ways of doing just that. So keep reading if you want to know new ways of making your coffee.
Café Cubano:

cafe cubano_1  
You will absolutely love this one if you are an espresso person. Cubans like to keep their coffees small but strong. Cuban coffee is one of the most delectable coffees you will ever come across. This coffee is had in the form of an espresso with a thick layer of cream on top of it. It may seem tiny but it is very strong and has the right amount of caffeine to it which will keep you going for hours.
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Largely known to be Algerian, it was the Portuguese who made the coffee what it really is. This coffee is basically an espresso with a shot of lemon juice or a lime soda in it. This is a particularly uplifting way to have your coffee. This is a one of a kind way and I’m sure you’ve never tried this before. So if you want to try unique ways of making your coffee, this is definitely one you should give a chance.
Café Bombon:

cafe bombom_1   
This is a Spanish way of making coffee and the most rich and luxurious one in this list, for sure. This is the one for the ones who like their coffees sweet and creamy. This is coffee is equal parts black coffee and condensed milk. The condensed milk can be a little overwhelming but it’s definitely a treat to be tried at least once in life.
Café de Olla:
cafe ola_1  H x
Cinnamon lovers will love this. This one is a Mexican style of making coffee which made with ground coffee, cinnamon, cloves and anise. A few additional ingredients are orange zest and brown sugar, if you like your coffee sweet. The traditional way to have this beverage is in a clay pot known as olla. All Indians will love this for all the spices which this coffee has!
These were some of the unique, interesting ways of consuming coffee I have ever come across. You should definitely give these a try if you ever want to switch up your routine way of taking your beverages. The ingredients to make these are easily available, so it you can try most of these with all the stuff which probably is already in your kitchen, right now. So you can taste the coffees from all over the globe, right from the comfort of your home. I hope you liked this article and will be trying some of these the next time you make coffee!
- Kinjal dixit