Breathtaking Treks in Maharashtra

The pandemic has taken a lot from us, most of all, our freedom. The simple joys of life like going to watch a film at the movies with your friends, or going to malls for shopping sprees were taken away from this year. We have been stuck at home for the better half of this year, but gradually, there were some places which were safe enough to go to, to just get out of the house and have a little taste of freedom. Treks and hikes were some of them. Many people are going on treks more than ever right now, because those are one of the only few places which are open and comparatively safe to go to during these times. Which is why I’m going to tell you about 3 different treks which you can explore, and which you might not have visited or known about before.
Kenjalgad Fort:
kenjalgad_1  H
This is a fort located in Wai, Maharashtra. Some history about the fort is that it was said to be built by Bhoj Kings of Panhala region in the 12th century. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort in 1674, and it was a surprise attack. After the fall of the Marathas though, the British managed to capture the fort in 1818.
Kenjalgad fort, which is also known as Khelanja Fort, is a trek that is still pretty unknown among the tourists. The trek on this fort is about an hour-long one and is the route is safe but with some slippery patches that need to be looked out for. The fort is rhomboid in shape and has an irregular hilltop, which is visible from a pretty far distance. This is an easy grade level trek.
Rohida Fort:

rohida_1  H x W
This fort is located in Bhor, Maharashtra. The Yadavas are said to have built this fort in the 16th century. Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort from the Bandal-Deshmukhs, but was one of the 16 forts to be handed over to the Mughals in the Treaty of Purandar. In 1670, Shivaji Maharaj successfully recaptured this fort.
Rohida fort, which also goes by the name of Vichitragad Fort, is a one hour trek. This trek is very wide, and extremely safe. It is 3650 feet high and the top of it is blanketed with thick vegetation and occasional moss on either side of the trail. The hike starts are the base of the hillock near the local high school, Bajarwadi. You can choose to stay the night at the temple situated on the hill, called Rohidamalla.
Kothaligad Fort:

kothaligad_1  H
This is small fort in Kajrat, Maharashtra. The initial history of this fort is unclear up until the 18th century. The fort was under the power of Aurangzeb in the 16th century. After many unsuccessful attempts, the Marathas finally won the fort in November 1817. Just a month, the British army managed to recapture this fort.
This fort is also known as Peth fort. This is a small plateau with a funnel-like summit. This pinnacle is known as Kothaligad. The locals believe that this isn’t a fort, but a lighthouse or a watch tower, but it depends on your perspective and how you look at it. During the monsoons, this pinnacle is hard to catch because the clouds tend to cover it completely, and you will have to wait for the gaps to take a peek at the countryside of Kajrat.
So these were some of the most amazing treks I’ve ever known. These will make an amazing getaway, and provide a break from your new daily routine. Getting out of the house right now is what everyone is craving to do, and going trekking will serve the purpose in the safest way possible. I hope you got a few new ideas about places to go trekking, or at least taught you a little more about the forts around us.
- kinjal dixit