India’s Hidden Historical Gems

India is a country who has been through and seen too much since centuries and as a result, she has places with historical importance every step of the way. India’s has so many spots which have seen history being made, or certain essential events taking place that it is hard to focus on them and hence, some remain lesser known and talked about than the others. So this is one is going to be for all the history lovers, who want to explore new places which you might not have had the historical importance knowledge about. There are numerous locations in our country which are still comparatively undiscovered and deserve the more recognition and their history discussed.
Elgandal Fort:

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This is a stunning fort situated in the hard of Telangana. To be precise, in the palm groves, near the banks of the river of Manair in Karimnagar. This fort was said to be ruled over by 3 different powers – the Mughal Empire, the Nizams of Hyderabad and the Qutb Shahi dynasty (in the 16th century). This fort was built under the power of the Kakatiya dynasty by the warriors Munsuri Nayaks. It was built in the most gorgeous Utopian fashion, with the colossal high archways, the beautiful minarets, and the huge water tanks surrounding them. Even though the fort might be in ruins today, these features still remain intact and give a glimpse of just how breathtaking the fort must have actually been in the days of its glory. A fact about the water tanks in the fort was that the moats and trenches filled with water would be filled with crocodiles for defense purposes. This fort still stands to this day in the town of Elgandal and is a must visit heritage site, with an eventful history and remarkable architecture.
Revdanda Fort: 
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Revdanda is a coastal fort in the village of Revdanda, near Alibaug. This fort was built by the Portuguese in the 1524. It was built by Portuguese Caption Soj, and was under the power of the Portuguese until 1806. This fort was essentially built after the Portuguese realized its importance from a trading stand point. In the year 1806, the Marathas successfully captured this fort. The salient features of this fort have to be its underground tunnels made simply out of mortar and brick. These tunnels 3 meters long and 3 meters wide, and have archways to them. The architecture of this fort was built way ahead of its time, and is a must visit for anyone who loves historical places with brilliant architecture.
Leh Palace:
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This imperial palace is situated in the town of Leh in Ladakh. This fort was built by Sengge Namgyal in the 1600. He was the king of Ladakh and the Namgyal dynasty until mid 16th century. After this, the palace was left deserted for centuries until Dogra took over Ladakh in the 19th century. This palace is a marvelous example of obscure Tibetan architecture. This palace is currently in ruins, but it is being conserved as a piece of the Ladakh heritage. The palace is adorned with ancient mural paintings which are nearly 450 years old. They narrate the tales of the ancient times. Besides paintings, the palace also had treasures like jewelry, ornaments, crowns, royal clothes and much more.
These were some of the historical heritages of India that are not only architectural brilliances, but also places where some major events in history took place. I hope this article taught you a little more about some of the places in our country. These deserve more acknowledgements. These places should be made more known for their history, and I hope these will become more recognized in the years to come.
- kinjal dixit