12 Best Quotes from Fight Club

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If anyone asked me which is my favourite David Fincher’s movie, I would say it is ‘Fight Club’ without hesitation. This is one move that is so way ahead of its time that it actually flopped in the theatres after release, but later became a best seller on DVD. Released in 1999, this movie is based on a book by the same name which is written by Chuck Palahnuik.
It shows the story of a guy who is the Narrator (Edward Norton) of the film. He is disconnected and frustrated with his white collar job and tries various ways to fight the frustration. He starts a fight club with a soap seller named Tyler Durdern (Brad Pitt) who he randomly meets on a plane. This movie talks about mindsets, perspectives, mental health and consumerism.
If anyone wants to enjoy a good intellectual script with a touch of insanity to it, they should definitely give this one a watch.
Here are 12 best quotes from the Fight Club that serve as a food for thought-


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-Shravya Kulkarni