Beware of beer overdose if you are a Sportsman

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Beer is no longer a taboo and has become a regular drink at social gatherings. But there are a few things we must consider before having a mug. Overdose of anything, even sugar can leave tremendous damage to the body which is only known when we really cannot do anything about it. Besides, for sportsmen, who are generally very social and have to be present in many social gatherings. So they are often exposed to a lot more alcohol than the healthy amount. But the damage beer does to the body of sportsmen can directly be seen in their performances. Here are a few quick facts to explain the damage that happens to the human body, specifically in regard of the Sportsmen.
1. Increase in Muscle cramps
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Muscle cramps usually happen in field when the player is dehydrated, overuse of muscles, muscle strain or even by holding the same position for longer time. Here, what excess alcohol does is that in contribute to higher than normal levels of lactic acid in the muscles. It is formed in the body when the muscles burn sugar. This production of lactic acid is triggered when there is excess of alcohol in the bloodstream. So it would be an important suggestion for sportsmen to keep themselves away from beer at least on days before their important matches.
2. Dehydration
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There is no need to stress this point further because it is very well known that beer causes dehydration in the body, which certainly is not a good news for you if you have a match to play the next day. What alcohol does to your body is that it actively reduces body's production of a vital anti - diuretic hormone. So it makes the person pee more than normal which leads to dehydration. Once the body is dehydrated it will create all kinds of problem like weak stamina, low energy and also increase in muscle cramps.
3. Poor decision making
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This is precisely the reason why it is not allowed to drink and drive. Alcohol weakens your judgement and affect your spatial consciousness, resulting into a poor display of decision making in the field. Alcohol is a sedative and hence it hinders the ability to judge the speed of ball coming towards you or even scoring opportunities. This condition is not only an effect of when you are drunk but eventually with a habit of excess drinking over years can bring negative changes in your performance. 
4. Low Stamina

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The physical ability of a person to continue a certain physical task like running, swimming, cycling is what stamina is, in simple words. Maintaining good stamina is essential for any sportsman as it is the most important aspect which directly deals with your on field performance. What does alcohol do to degrade your stamina? Human body needs sugar in the form of glucose, present in blood to perform any physical or mental task properly. To perform rigorous activities, body uses glycogen stored in Liver to regulate energy. However, when the liver is busy processing alcohol it is not able to produce as much sugar as is needed to perform as per the game plan. This results in lower stamina during the game exhibiting very poor performance.
5. Increased risk of injury
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Alcohol in the system increases swelling around joints and also speeds up bleeding. If while playing, you are knocked down or get a cut, then you are likely to develop a far more serious injury with alcohol in the blood. In fact, excess alcohol in blood not only increases the risk of injury but it also impairs the muscle growth which pushes the person towards developing serious injuries.
These can be counted as the top most points on the countdown for damage caused by beer for sportsmen, which are observed clearly in their game. So next time when you plan to party hard, a night before your important matches or competitions, then think wisely about the repercussions you'll have to face on the important day.
- Himali Nalawade