Remembering Everything that F.R.I.E.N.D.S Taught us on its 26th Anniversary

Yesterday, on the 22nd September the first episode of an epic TV show 'aired' that taught us about flawed humans, their unique experiences, unique struggles, and the meaning of true friendship. On this day, we were introduced to the world where a bride ran off from the alter only to bump into 5 strangers who would change her life forever.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. taught us that it is okay to stand your own ground in adversity to the fact that friendship means accepting the person the way they are even if they are a clean freak (Monica) to a freak in general (Phoebe).
Here are a few things that I learnt from watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

1. Something’s are Just Not Meant To Be, And It’s Okay-
When Richard and Monica started dating, everyone’s hearts were melting after seeing how perfectly they fit with each other. After many failed dates and relationships, Monica had finally found a man who was mature, understanding, normal and most importantly, so hot!

1_1  H x W: 0 x
When they broke up, it seemed like a petty issue and everyone was hoping they would get back together. But, later, after seeing how happy and open Monica is with Chandler, it made sense why it didn’t work out with anyone else, especially with a man with a moustache!

2. Embrace Your Uniqueness-
Not going to lie, Phoebe can come off as pretty weird. From her homemade jewellery, to her out of the box lyrics, to her dance movies; she definitely stands out in the crowd.

2_1  H x W: 0 x
But once you get to know her, you understand why she is the way she is and come to love her even more. She is a strong woman who has come from such a dark past and still refuses to let it pull her down from being herself. Mike really is a lucky guy!
3. Just Like Any Relationship, Friendship’s Require a Lot of Effort-
Remember when Chandler fell in love with Kathy, his best friend’s girlfriend? Yeah, that was some pretty messed up times and we couldn’t help but feel bad for his struggle to hide it from Joey. When Chandler and Kathy kissed, everyone thought that it was the death of the iconic Joey-Chandler duo. But Chandler proved Joey his loyalty and love by spending a whole afternoon locked up in a box and even watching his love walk out on him.

3_1  H x W: 0 x

4_1  H x W: 0 x
Or when Monica stuffed her head inside a turkey to show Chandler how sorry she was after he discovered that he lost her toe because of her. If this isn’t true friendship, I don’t know what is? All of us mess up, we’re human after all. But it’s our action after wards is what decides our character.
4. Don’t Lie, You Never Know How it Will Affect You-
Remember in the Season 6 Thanksgiving episode when Rachel messed up the trifle? Yeah who can forget beef sautéed with peas and onions mixed with whipped cream and bananas? But something else went down in that episode, and that is Ross’s lies.

5_1  H x W: 0 x

6_1  H x W: 0 x
If he wouldn’t have lied to his parents in college, he wouldn’t have to cover up so much later and Chandler and Monica would’ve been having a good time with her parents. And, Joey would’ve been able to go spend Thanksgiving with Janine’s dancer friends. So, it’s better not to lie to save yourself future inconvenience.
5. True Love Always Finds a Way-
All 6 of the friends had their unique love stories which was relatable to everyone in one or the other way. Rachel and Ross’s rollercoaster relationship always kept us on the edge, while Joey’s love for food made us understand that you don’t need a partner to be happy.

7_1  H x W: 0 x

8_1  H x W: 0 x

9_1  H x W: 0 x

10_1  H x W: 0
6. Your Past Doesn’t Decide Your Future-
If there is one thing that binds all of the 6 people together, is their zest for life. It teaches us that no matter where you come from, your destiny is in your hands.
Rachel ran away from her wedding and from being a spoilt child, she became an independent woman and mother.

11_1  H x W: 0
Monica struggled with self-esteem but she transformed herself and proved that nothing is impossible.

12_1  H x W: 0  
Ross taught us that you can take time to figure out what you want in relationships, but that doesn’t decide who you are. Also, loyalty is key to a long lasting relationship.

13_1  H x W: 0
Chandler taught us your upbringing or your issues with your parents shouldn’t stop you from creating your own unique identity. And also, if something isn’t giving you happiness, take that risk of walking away from it in search of true happiness.

14_1  H x W: 0
If Joey has taught us anything, it is that if you are happy with what you are, you don’t have to fit into the society. And finding true love shouldn’t be the only aim in life. Embrace the child in you and enjoy!

15_1  H x W: 0
If there is a face for the phrase ‘Weird but Lovable’ it has to be Phoebe. She taught us value your morales and stick to them no matter what anyone says. She also taught us that money doesn’t give happiness but it’s that little things in life that actually matter.
16_1  H x W: 0
These are a few things that we think everyone should take away from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and happy 26th Anniversary to the worldwide cherished sitcom!
-Shravya Kulkarni