When Did Speaking Up for Something Became an Act of Feminism?

Kangna Ranaut’s bluntness has caused endless chaos. Everyone is either talking about it or wants to talk about it hence, the news channels are rallying up the guests to their talk show. One such Marathi news channel invited a panel of different party MLAs and a woman from film fraternity.
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The arguments and counter-arguments were going on and the woman from film fraternity was asked a question about how she feels about Kangna’s behavior and statements? While answering this question, the woman, a producer in Marathi movie industry, didn’t just look at the one side of the coin. Before anything else, she tried to acknowledge the fact that Kangna was the first person to speak up about actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, Kangna was the first to say that it was not a suicide but a murder, she was the one who started the ball rolling and today the case is where it is.
And the response to this statement, without waiting for her whole answer – “Ma’am don’t be a feminist here, we are not talking about feminism, why are you taking her (Kangna Ranaut) side? She talks nonsense, tomorrow she may wake up and claim that everyone siting at this discussion panel is involved in murdering Sushant Singh Rajput, her speaking first does not matter, there is no logic, please don’t take her side for the sake of feminism.”
When the guest tries to counter-argue the host goes silent and cuts her off announcing Kangna to be this producer’s “friend” and that Kangna Ranaut may have high contacts but CBI will reach her and when questioned for 7-8 hours “madam” will talk and the dirt of Bollywood, which this channel is trying to throw out, will be thrown away.”
I would like to ask this experienced and well respected news anchor, you are supposed to be a representative of one of the most watched Marathi news channel, would you please answer few questions for me?
1. What is the connection between speaking up for something and feminism?
2. Do you know what feminism is?
3. Do you know what it means to take the first step, be the first in line to ask, no, to demand justice?
4. Does one have to be a “friend” of someone to acknowledge courage?
5. Wasn’t this show supposed to be where everyone can express their opinion or was it a necessity to only speak against Kangna Ranaut?
Sushant Singh Rajput’s case grows twisted as the days go by, and so does Kangna Ranaut’s reputation. We are not here to defend anyone but tossing around word which is a movement in itself, a symbol of strength for many; that only for the sake of forwarding your propaganda….
At some point we have to ask ourselves, where do we draw the line?