Designer Sharbari Dutta Found Dead at Her Residence

A renowned designer from Kolkata, Sharbari Dutta was dead at her residence on late Thursday night. Aged 63 years old, designer was used to living alone and was found lying on her bathroom floor.

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Popular for her mix on traditional and modern fabrics, Sharbari Dutta’s vibrant color choices for her clothing have always set her apart. She started with designing men’s ethnic wear and later dabbed in women’s clothing as well. Her brand Shunyaa is well known and has many outlets in Kolkata.

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The last person to have seen Sharbari Dutta alive was her son, Amalin Dutta, on Wednesday. She is unavailable on her phone for a whole day before family started searching and found her at her residence.
The police were informed and they have ruled out foul play as well as suicide. According to the doctors the cause of death is a severe stroke.
Rest in Peace Sharbari Dutta!