Memeing is the art of 2020

    This year unfortunately started with a pandemic followed by lockdowns throughout the world. The entire world was forced to stay at home and care for their own health. How much ever easy it may seem to think about, but the world was just not at chill. The routine life that had made them crave for a lifelong holiday had finally become a reality. But it was not good.

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It is usually during such times that due to lack of activity and plenty of free time, people end up being so bored and annoyed that they start fussing about the littlest possible thing. In some cases, this results in anxiety and panic attacks as well. And these are not any special cases but a general human behavior observed throughout the world during this period.
But art finds its way out to express itself and the impact it leaves behind is extremely constructive for an individual's mental well-being. During the initial phase of lockdown, we observed music artists in Italy and Spain coming to their balconies and spreading good vibes through their performances amidst the lockdown boredom. Artists used social media to share their art with the people and kept the people mentally engaged in various activities.
But at the same time there were so many things going on in the world, directly or indirectly affected by the virus or at times just some isolated incidents which no matter what just couldn't have been ignored. While the people were tried to be kept busy and positive through this time, it was also important to keep the people updated about the things happening around them. But again that had to be done in a very innovative way, which may not push them towards a negative mindset about reality. And this is when the whole meme game comes in the picture.
The reason why I call 'Memeing' an 'art' is because basically you should have those skills and mainly a somewhat optimistic approach towards life. Humor is always a go -go for memes and at appropriate instances even dark humor works well. Memes with savage responses to social incidents are often welcomed by people. Trolling, if done suitably and without crossing lines, adds more value to some memes. Rather it is the life of a meme at times. All these things require skills and it is not a piece of cake to become a successful memer today.
Another reason why I call it an art is that we cannot deny how stress is very subtly managed through memes. It’s so effective that it goes unnoticed how much someone's attention is diverted from his daily stress towards memes and through memes towards things happening around him.
The last reason why I would call meme as an art is that in today's time, it is the easiest way to educate people. Info graphics and data won't be as capable of educating people about things as much memes are.
- Himali Nalawade