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Awkward around women, good around chicken and duck, a great friend, a perfect roommate and the best husband – this is Chandler Bing! One of the main characters from the most successful sitcom of the century, FRIENDS’ gave us six uniquely relatable characters. One of them turns 51 years old today so let’s take a look at all the life lessons we learnt from Miss Chanandler Bong.

  • It is okay to be awkward around women because when the right one comes along your world will be flipped and eventually, everything will fall in the right place!
  • It is absolutely okay to not be in a festive mood and mop around on the day, the right people will understand you and won’t miss this opportunity to tease you!
  • Dance like no one is watching you, because when your girlfriend says ‘you are the best she ever had, counting “moustache” Richard’, it is indeed time to celebrate!

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  • It is okay to start as intern in your 30s at the job that is not “well paying” but you truly love.
  • Always be able to laugh at yourself and your jokes because many a times you might be the only one laughing!
  • It is okay to break that dam of emotions, it is okay to pick up ‘Chicken soup for soul’ and get overly emotional about ‘why can’t Ross and Rachel just makeup!’
  • It is okay to not be great at giving advice, many a times sarcastic comment works just fine!

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  • It is never, ever, ever a good time to work out, especially when your training partner is Monica Geller!
  • You got to face your fear and confront “moustache” Richard because he had his chance but he ruined it, and now Chandler even has a ring for Monica!

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  • Marry your best friend!

Matthew Perry turns 51 today! We wish our favorite a very happy birthday!