What is detachment?


Many times we talk about attachment. Attachment with our loved ones, Attachment with the things you love, With the places so on. But we forget to live a simple and peaceful life sometimes with that attachment, Detachment is also needed. It is a vast spiritual Concept. And today we will just look at the outline of it. 

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There are two schools of thought that emphasize detachment. The Gayan yogis – who only emphasize detachments. Then there are bhakti yogis – who not only detachment but also emphasize attachment to God. When that attachment happens, detachment is a natural consequence.

Now, you might be wondering how this detachment will take place. The answer is through “knowledge”.

Ask yourself a few questions.

What is my ultimate purpose?

Why is this attachment happening?

The answer to this is – When you have associated the results of your work with the joy & happiness & spiritual teaching tells us that joy will be short-lived. It’s like chasing a MIRAGE. It will not fulfill your soul.

And the moment you realize that you are chasing a mirage, you start getting detached.

But here you should realize & understand where does my happiness lies?

Spiritual knowledge tells us that we are ourselves a spiritual being (eternal) which the soul is. This is within this body. You are the sole part of the supreme soul GOD. We are just the tiny fragment of the supreme soul & the happiness we are searching for is him (God). The goal of your work should be to please the supreme power, when that happens you are automatically detached from yourself.

In the situation in Mahabharat which is explained in Bhagwat Geeta when Arjun says, “ How can I fight a battle against my own family members?” & I want to run away. Lord Krishna tells him – NO!, keep on doing your work. There he gives the concept of Karma Yogi. But, change your internal consciousness.

You continue doing your work but with a change of internal consciousness. This happened by the virtue of the knowledge.

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All of this is very well explained in Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 1.

Detachment means what I am feeling inside is independent of what is happening around you or what you are going through. This kind of detachment is power, it doesn’t make us cold. It gives us the power to radiate love and respect always. Only a detached person can create unconditional love. Whenever my mind is dependent on the other person’s emotion & behavior it is attachment.

The only way to detach is by strengthening ourselves with daily meditation and spirituality. Then I become powerful inside. Gradually my state of mind is not dependent on anyone else. This is not a one-night miracle. It comes with practice.

- Komal Doiphode