Why SMART people don’t MULTITASK?


Many times you must have heard that “Multitasking” is the best trait you can learn, It will solve all your problems. Do you know it is the biggest myth and Multitasking can damage your brain? Well, studies show that a person who does multitasking is very much low at productivity and is too slow when it comes to the tasks he/she is doing.


A Comparative study

Many organizations did this comparative study between Multitaskers and Non-multitaskers. And shockingly they found that Non-multitaskers are more productive and better at their work. The Stanford researchers found that multitaskers are worse at their work than the people who do one task at a time. The reason is when we multitask there are so many thoughts and a huge clutter in our mind, which limits our productivity, creativity, and concentration. So That is the reason SMART and SUCCESSFUL people DO NOT multitask.


I know that broke a huge myth and many misconceptions. Multitasking reflects badly on your performance and efficiency as your brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time. So If you want to achieve something big, or do some very important task, Multitasking can be harmful to you. When you try to do two things at a time your brain fails to perform on both fronts, So it is advisable to do one thing at a time for flawlessly perfect work.


Here are these 4 reasons why smart people DO NOT Multitask :

1. They can not compromise with quality: To perform quality work or to provide quality results one needs to concentrate on one thing at a time. You can perform two or more tasks at a time, but when you do it, unknowingly you are compromising with the quality of each task as you can not give your 100% in that. So Smart people can not compromise with the quality of the work hence they never multitask. They believe quality is greater than quantity.


2. For higher achievement: Multitasking limits your brain to be more creative and it limits your efficiency, you will not be able to achieve more than a certain limit. On the other hand, people who do one thing at a time, get mastery in that and hence they tend to achieve more than the multitaskers. So when you concentrate on one thing you give your 100% in that. That increase your energy, your thoughts are clear and in one direction also you tend to work more when it comes to your tasks, Hence doing one thing at a time is advisable all the time.


3. More energy: To have more energy, you should do one thing at a time. As when your multitask your brain gets exhausted. Multitasking takes your more mental energy to perform different tasks at a time. Try to think when you watch TV and do texting at a time, you tend to get tired fast than just watching TV or Texting (In short one task at a time) So it proves that you waste your more energy in multitasking and do not get the best results whereas you invest less amount of your energy and get more results when you do one task at a time, that’s why SMART people never go for Multitasking.


4. Single tasks give you peace: If you look at all the successful people you may notice that they are peaceful at, mind because they do one thing at a time. When you multitask your mind starts panicking because somewhere you want to finish all the tasks on time, and you have that tension that if you fail to do so if will reflect on your work, and unknowingly that panic negatively affects you. So when you do one task you are clear that you do just one thing and you will finish it on time. So no clutter = No tension.


So That is the reason that Smart people always choose the peaceful way of doing any task. That’s why if you are a multitasker think twice about your Creativity, Efficiency, Productivity, and Mental energy. Do one task at a time, and be master of what you do.

Next time when your boss asks you to do so many tasks at a time send them this article and prove that you are smart.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate