Why Making To-Do list is really important?


Have you ever felt that this is the high time and you have to be more organized at any cost? Or You are all over the place and you are not able to manage your work as well as routine? There is one best remedy for this, and that remedy is “To-Do list”. Everyone must make a to-do list each day, every day. It is a great habit and it will take you to the next level of productivity.

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So Why this To-Do list is so much important? To be more productive and to increase your productivity you must plan your Year, Month, Week, and day for that matter. I know planning might not work always. But in general, it is a great habit to improve your personality. Creating a list for your self every day that will tell you what tasks you have to do, Which task is the priority for the day, will sort out so many things for you. So let’s see its benefits.

1. For your own clarity: You have to make a To-Do List for your own clarity. When you make this list in the morning you get so much clarity about how your day will look like, which task you will complete when. Which task is your priority for the day? It is always good to write down everything, sort it according to your priority, and make a list out of it and strictly follow it. It will give you so much clarity about your day.

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2. You will feel more organized: Many times we start working and we remember a particular task that has to be done priority wise. We leave the task we are doing currently and we start doing something different, By this, we create a mess and all the tasks remain unfinished. To avoid such a situation, the To-Do list always comes for the rescue. So by making this list every day you will feel more organized and it will increase your productivity level.

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3. You can define your priority: By making the To-Do list you can understand your priority better. And by this, you can assign all the tasks priority vise. So you will finish your most important task first, and then the second important and then the last one. With which you will be able to finish all your tasks on time. Win-win situation right?

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4. It gives you more confidence: When you know what you have to do when you have to do and how you are going to do it, you will complete your tasks with more confidence. It will give you clarity and when you have clarity in your mind you can do anything with confidence because you already know that what will be the outcome.

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It is a great habit that will increase your productivity. To achieve more results, to achieve more heights, an organized plan is very very essential and the To-Do list is the stepping stone of that plan. Make your To-Do list every morning and you are sorted.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate