Want to be successful ? Here is the Key

- Nitya Bakshi 

The journey of Success:

Everyone in this world has their own battle to fight. Some might lose, some might win. But the real success is when you ‘Don’t Quit’! No matter how hard the situation is. No matter how demotivated, depressed you are. If you want to win, you just need to learn ‘Not to Quit’

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Here are six A’s which will push you hard to achieve the goals of your life. 


Before you think about your success, the first and foremost thing which you really need to know is the basic goal of your life. The reason is each goal in the journey of your success will help you to be a successful person only when, you will be knowing, WHAT YOU WANT? It is very important to be aware of each and every concept of your goals. Be it it's pros or cons. You must know and have thought about its workflow along with its backup. Not every time plan works. Sometimes you need to change your plan. So before you start, beware and have a better understanding of what you are planning to achieve.

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It is said; ‘Every action has an opposite reaction’ But here this Phrase is quite different. When we talk about your journey of success, It will always depend on your actions. And here Actions will produce the same reaction which you have dreamt about. Hence, it is really important to take the necessary actions in order to achieve the desired results. Your Actions will help you to lead your life. One wrong move, You are finished. So learn to take important actions, plan it, and implement it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s going to be the right one. There might be the possibility of failure, but that failure doesn’t make you regret not even trying once. The player in cricket doesn’t know his next shot will be six or not. But they always perform an action of hitting the ball. They always make an effort to get a six. That’s all you need, You need to take a first step, First Action towards your goal, towards your success, towards your journey.

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So here, when I talk about accountability it’s actually a responsibility. You yourself are responsible for each & every decision of your life. You yourself are accountable for your failure and your success. But there are no regrets guys, genuinely not. It’s human nature, that when we decide something when we plan something, we always get into doubtful thinking or laziness towards our Plans. Well, in that case, follow only one ‘Mantra’ talk to the one whom you trust, who can push you hard, motivate you, and help you achieve your goals. Whenever you feel, things are not working as per the plan. Then go and talk to those right people who will give you the right advice at the right time. They will help you in coming out of your doubtful thinking and will motivate you to achieve whatever is best for you as a person. Being human, we sometimes feel lazy too, following our own plan. What would you do? Reach out to the person, Let that person push you hard every now And then to achieve the aim which you have a dream of, Just like a trainer in Gym. Trust Me, It works! You just need to reach out to the right person, who can help you out in every possible manner.

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Its most the easiest and the most effective fundamental to opt. Positivity works so strongly and it takes you to the height of happiness. Everything which is tried with happiness tried with positivity will give you the best & most satisfactory result always. All you need to do is stay positive and keep attracting your goals. The whole day, whole night, when you will just think about achieving the results. When you’ll just think about the best alternative to reach out to your goals. Without letting any negative thought crossing your mind. There will work a ‘LAW OF ATTRACTION ‘ The whole universe will be there in support of you to make you reach out, what you have desired for. Keep yourself always be with positive surroundings, think positively, stay positive, and be with the positive people. An optimistic Monkey can make you grow rather than being with an idiotic Human. The choice is yours because life is yours, Goal is yours.

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Accomplishment :

Attraction works but that don’t mean, you will completely get rely on it. You still need to accomplish the results, you have set for your own. And that can be done by accomplishing each and every step successfully which you have planned for, which you were dreaming for so long. You are so near to your goals, that one positive action of accomplishing it, will give you life long satisfaction. Keep trying until you get it. It will create a lot many barriers, struggle will be so high that many times you will feel like quitting. But you just need to keep trying, ignoring all negativity out and trying until you achieve it. That’s how you’ll reach the zone of success.

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Authority :

Reach the zone of success doesn’t mean an end.  You never know when you’ll cross that zone. So to be there in that zone, you need to be authorized to maintain its legacy, keep struggling yourself to maintain your achievement for what you had been working for so long. What you had been dreaming of years & years. It doesn’t come so easily, You have to invest your time, money, sweat, tears, efforts on it. And when you get it, you need to double invest all the above to maintain the same. Only legends can do that, And to be a legend first you need to be a warrior. You need to learn, try, fall, stand, again fall and keep on rising. By defeating each failure, defeating each negative thought. Fighting every time like a warrior to be the winner.

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The above-stated process will help you in growing in your journey. Will help you in passing your journey of success. But we need to understand one thing, success is incomplete without the two more ‘S’.

Success = Struggle + Satisfaction.

Being successful doesn’t mean, you don’t stay satisfied. Being successful doesn’t mean, you will forget about your passion. Forgets about, what you love to do?

The journey of success is always filled with multiple struggles. Some will face family issues, some will finances. Some can’t go out of the city. Some will be pushed down by others. It has always filled one’s life multiple challenges and each challenge comes up with a Struggle or converting it into an opportunity. And this journey is not at all easy. But at the same time, it necessary that you feel satisfied with what you are doing. What achieving or what you have got. If you are not satisfied if you are not happy if you do not get inner peace. Your success is worthless. Your struggles are worthless. So make it worthy. Compel it all together and be a successful person.

Keep fighting, keep learning, keep growing, keep struggling Until this journey ends. Once it is started, it is not going to end so easily. It will end up with your life. But the only thing it will give you is that peace of being a warrior and never quitting your journey in between. Think about it and stick to your decisions. One day you’ll reach the satisfaction of success !!! And then you’ll be a successful person of your ‘Journey of success’

Take a trip to it, even if you have to walk alone. After all this story is all about YOU !!!

Happy Reading 📖 ☺