Missing regular college fun? Are online classes fun?


We all know the answers to these questions. The answer is YES !!! We are missing college, and NO!!! Online classes are not that fun than the usual classes. No pranks with friends, No Proxy, No bunks, No sudden movie plans, and no everyday eating junkies in the college canteen. So yes major missing happening here.

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It is difficult because we are not able to meet our friends on a regular basis, It is getting more difficult because understanding studies in online classes are different and mostly it is tough to understand what professors are explaining on the screen. On the one side, we are happy that no examinations are taking place this year, but on the other hand, we are worried about what it will look like after a year or so. Will it be difficult to get jobs after this COVID_19 situation? It is more tragic with final year students as exams are canceled and their future is at risk. But we are thankful to our professors who are managing with all kinds of odds to teach us online. Altogether it is a difficult situation we all are facing.

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As the days are passing and lockdown is increasing we are missing college fun a lot more. We only get 3 years (graduation) sometimes 5 years (Graduation + Post Graduation) in college and we are already at a loss of 2 months, and we don’t know how much will it increase. Those rides to college are major missing, Sometimes picking up our friends from home and having that 10-15 mins chit chat on the way is way more satisfying than it is happening on phone calls and video calls every day. Roaming around in college, Having all kinds of leg-pulling, and Masti with the group will always be remembered during this lockdown. Don’t know when will this end? When will we again freely roam with our friends? When will we again enjoy those fun sessions with professors and when will our freshers/ Fairwells take place? Everything is just stopped.

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Similarly, it is getting difficult to adjust to these online classes schedule. It becomes very monotonous when you are sitting alone in your room, your earplugs are tucked in your ears and you can not even see your friend’s faces properly. Sometimes network and technical issues test your patience, and you just miss that classroom atmosphere, your favorite back seat, your favorite professor. We understand that it is more difficult for professors than us to teach 100 students together on online classes. I wish this time shall pass soon.

As students, all we are praying that may this phase end soon. We want our college life back, All we want is to be free again, to spend time with our friends again. To live that precious college lives yet again. Hope this shall pass soon.

- A Helpless College Student