3 Ways with which you can easily reduce your anxiety


As the lockdown is going on, and increasing day by day, it is getting difficult to maintain mental peace. People who are living far from their families are facing so many mental health problems, People who are living in joint families and not finding personal space or having issues with their family members are facing irritation, temper and mood swings, People who are living alone are facing the most troubled times. So here are the 3 ways with which you can control anxiety issues that come with all these problems.

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3 Best ways to reduce anxiety :

1. Eat well: Eating is an important part of being mentally fit, Also eating right and eating on time is the key to balance your eating. So Make sure you eat on time, you eat well and you eat in proper portions, So that it will be helpful to reduce your anxiety. Many of you are living with limited resources. So eat whatever is available, just make sure the timings and portion. An empty stomach can increase your anxiety level insanely.

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2. Sleep well:
Working from home, Working for home, family and kids or parents, Doing all the house chores and taking care of all the assignments and project works all together can be exhausting, and it takes a toll on your sleep schedule. Which can cause you anxiety. That is why sleeping well and sleeping on time is so important. Take a nice 8 hours sleep, and you will feel fresher throughout the day. Try it, it will surely help in your anxiety issue.

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3. Welcome Humor:
A good laugh can never harm anyone. It is always good to welcome humor when you feel anxious. You can watch your favorite comedy show, You can listen to some standup comedy or just read something humorous. For that time being do nothing just think about something that can make you laugh. Trust me laughing can solve your maximum problems.

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Anxiety is a serious issue. And in this lockdown situation, it might be worst for many people. You can always practice exercise, Yoga, Dance, or any kind of physical activity for your Physical and mental fitness. Whenever your anxiety is on the top-level or you face an anxiety attack try deep breathing and try to count on 10 slowly. Make it 20 if necessary. Maintain a positive attitude and try to live an optimistic life. It will change your perspective altogether, And you will become a happier person.

Times are tough but together we can face this. Helping each other can give us mental peace. Stay happy and positive and make others happy too.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate