Life in the Sky.


life_1  H x W:

Isn’t our Journey So much like that of an airplane?

Eagerly waiting at bay for taking off in life.

With a couple of exciting hopes prancing about our hearts,

awaiting the minute its destination arrives.

The steady lift off from the ground,

Fighting against any pressure,

Striving to remain sturdy through turbulence,

Just to successfully reach what we define as the top,

The place that comforts us, steadies us,

and helps us glide forward smoothly.

How nice is it to be above it all?

To know you achieved the peak u aimed for,

To know that this is how high you can go,

Fearing what would happen if you strive to go higher, afraid of having to fall fast from where you are.

Even so high up,

There is a sense of comfort, safety and of beauty.

But how long can one stay in their prime?

How long can you be at the top of everything? because there is always someone who will strive to go higher,

Higher than what you aimed, what you thought or what you ever expected.

Success means nothing unless you are able to touchdown smoothly.

Floating in the abyss of the vast sky has no meaning unless ever so often you root to the ground.

To eventually come back to where you started from,

Maybe to give back, maybe to help someone reach higher than you could.

What sense does the stay on top have, if only eventually you run out of fuel and plummet to your downfall?

Isn’t It better to touch down, take time off rethinking the content of your high, before taking off on another journey? Taking off in the search of another high that can be yours.

To feel all the emotions once again

This may not be what any of us do,

But it certainly is the journey of an airplane, that soars so high,

Spending most of its life in the sky.

  • Aadhya Venkatesh