We are here for you.. !!!

Times are tough and tougher for them who are already facing Mental Health issues. This is surely a challenging time for all of you. Trust me we understand. And we are here for you. All you need to do is keep these things in your mind. Follow these guidelines. And you will surely feel better. 


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Guidelines for mental health and psychological considerations during COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Be cautious but do not panic

It’s easy in these times of distress that, we end up panicking about our health and safety. But it’s important to be well informed from the right sources rather than panicking by gathering information in every possible way. Kindly gather knowledge but do not over-read about it.

Re-check the authenticity of the source of information.

Understand be assured that you are going to be safe if you follow the rules. Limit reading about it to once or twice a day

2. Be empathetic and supportive

Take care of yourself but also be understanding and supportive of people who are suffering. Offer your support mentally and emotionally. Avoid labeling people and stigmatizing.

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3. Focus on the positivity

It is extremely essential that every individual focuses on positivity and understands the importance of looking at things positively. Be grateful for the time you have received and how you can work on yourself during this.

Enhance your gratitude, healing and self-evaluation.


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4. Keep your mental health in check

Address your negative emotions and analyze them. Journal them and try to accept them rather than hiding them.

Accept that it’s completely alright to feel anxious or low during these times. Once you accept them, try to come up with solutions and if you don’t manage to, kindly do not hesitate to ask for help.

Follow the APPLE method.

A – Acknowledge

Notice or acknowledge the restlessness or uncertainty as it comes to mind.

P – Pause

Don’t react immediately. Pause and breathe

P – Pullback

Tell yourself, this might be temporary and anxiety triggered. Thoughts are neither statements nor facts until they are processed.

L – Let go

Let go of the thought or a feeling if it’s irrational. Think of it as a passing cloud.

E – Explore

Explore the current moment completely. Utilize all your senses and experience the present moment completely.

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5. Ask for help if required

Remember that, asking for help portrays courage and strength. There are people who are there to help you deal with the distress you are going through and it’s important that you contact them and speak.

Open up! You are not alone. We are all together in this.

Speak to a psychologist/therapist online or telephonically.

6. Plan your routine

As simple as it sounds, creating a routine and sticking to it, can make things much better in this situation.

Wake up at a particular time, follow a time table, eat on time, a study on time and add 30 minutes of your favorite form of indoor exercise to your day. Drink more water. Try to form a new constructive habit. Maintain your sleep schedules.

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7. Be creative

Do something out of the box. Create something that gives you happiness and joy. It can be anything from cooking, to painting to even writing something. Indulge yourself in a hobby.

8. Form short term goals

Forming short term goals and achieving them can help one achieve a sense of gratification and set you in a positive state of mind.

We are here for you

Fikarnot. We are here for you if you need any help ♥️

- Shrutkirti Fadnavis