Do we succumb to Job Exploitation?


Well Many of you have been working for quite a while now. Many of you must have applied to some kind of job, and many of you are aspiring to have a nice job and career. So here is something for you who are new in this game.

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Often we see people are frustrated because of the heavy workload, wrong expectations of the employer or more work and less salary. Well you are not alone. Generally this happens with everyone. Especially with newcomers, All I want to ask is why do we succumb to job exploitation so easily?

Have you ever felt guilty for saying “NO” to a particular task assigned to you, or saying “NO” to your boss for making you do the work that you are not supposed to do or leaving on time from the office, or saying “NO” to work till late because you want to spend time with your family? If yes then you must read ahead.

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Many times people go for interviews. They have been asked so many questions and they have been asked to do so many tasks to get that one job. Finally when the salary discussion comes up, the ‘Job Giver’ makes them feel like they are asking much more than what they deserve. Finally after negotiation one package is decided and then they start working. After that? If you are a Newbie you will have to do so many tasks that are not even related to your ‘Job Profile’ under the name of “Seekhne ke liye karna padta hai”. Sometimes it is beneficial for you but many times it is just the "Exploitation" 

Many times you have to sacrifice your family time, your social get togethers, your quality time with your partner, Only under the name of “Karna Padta Hai..”. Sometimes it is not needed. Trust me if you are working in a good company, and you are giving extra time and effort, your company will value that, And if they don’t then you need to rethink about your company. You always don't need to get abused physically or mentally to prove exploitation, sometimes these small things matter more than that. 

If no matter what you do, how hard you work, how much time you invest for your organization, they don’t value it, If your work is not getting appreciated in monetary terms, If you are not getting paid for something you are asked to do, If company is using your time and effort for their own good and making you feel guilty if you don’t let them do so, it is an exploitation and you need to learn to say a big “NO”.

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Working in any organization is like a"love Relationship". Value them only if they value you. Otherwise it will turn into a "One - sided love story". 
Invest your emotions for the company and help them to grow only if you are not being used with sugar quoted words, only if they (The company) genuinely value your hard work and time, only if they think about you the way you think about the company.

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Work hard. Because there is not an option for that. Work honestly for your organization, because they are the one because of whom you are having a job. But work hard only where you are valued. “Kamchori mat karo.. Lekin kam aisi jagah karo jaha apni zindagi jeena chori karne jaisa na lage.”

Think about it. You are much more than what they told you that you are !!!

- Niharika Pole Sarwate