“Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus”


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I have recently read a book by John Gray, an American author, and relationship counselor as well. In his book, ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’, Is on the psychological concept of human beings. Humans, Where there exist two important genders ‘Men’ and ‘Women’. The Men and Women who belong to homo-sapiens (same species), but they both are completely different from each other. And this book will have fair experiments on proving it right. It tells that Men and Women belong to different planets. As per the author, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and like different planets, they have different behavior attributes too. It shows a very different perspective of both genders to common problems.

Let’s say: When women are going through some problem, they love to talk about it to someone whom they are close to and they trust. They believe that sharing problems will lighten their stress and they feel empathetic. Whereas when it comes to Men, they are opposite of it. They don’t like to discuss their problems with anybody till the time they can independently handle it. They feel a lack of trust and disturbed when unwanted advice is given to them.

Not only this, but the book will also help you in understanding the diverse natures of both the genders and will give you experiences and ideas where you can understand both of them and grow your relationship. While reading It, The fun part is you will have a role to play in it. 90% of people can easily relate it to themselves and understand the behavioral terminology of two Opposite Genders. You will learn to avoid a few mistakes and help you build understanding & strengthening your bond.

I would suggest that it should be read by every Man and Woman out there because I am sure it will take you to another level in your relationship, be it with your father/mother, husband/wife, brother/sister, uncle/aunt. For all the book lovers this is going to be a fun reading with an understanding of human psychology and gaining experience on it.

A must-read book and share your experience with your people.

Happy Reading! 😊

-Nitya Bakshi