It’s time to wake up !


harmony and peace _1 

What has become of the world today? Humans are in constant feuds with each other, nations are at war, and harmony in the world is at an all time low. The kind and generous people have been replaced by those that are selfish, cruel and only care for themselves and their personal welfare. We have organisations set up to keep the world peace intact, but these organisations are only a facade to cover what is really happening in the world and to assure us that everything is actually under control.

People are killing each other in the name of religion, simply to prove that one religion is better than the other, not being able to understand that all religions are equally important and religion can be used as a unifying ground instead of a means of pitting men against each other.

Man wants to take man’s life and proving superiority and importance in the society is given more importance than mutual respect. In places where problems can be solved by debates and conversations, wars are waged as the first, last and only resort, without comprehending all the ill effects that it brings. People want to claim authority over materialistic things and that has replaced the importance of all moral values. A person with more wealth and larger estates is being considered superior to a person that has a heart filled with love and respect.

harmony and peace _2 


Selfishness in people has increased by massively and dominating attitudes and desires are prevalent, making respect for fellow humans almost nullified. Society is working on measures to remove all happiness from the world.


Places that are safe havens and help people rejuvenate are being ruined due to conflict. Concerts are being bombed, trucks are mowing down people in town squares, schools and colleges are being broken into and destroyed, students are being harassed and parks bustling with life are open fired on. Humanity is almost completely lost and hoping to find a shred of it in a living, breathing person is like wanting to discover Alladin’s Lamp.

Animals in the jungle live together in a peaceful coexistence. They only kill to fulfil their needs and fill their stomach which is a necessity for them. So is it necessary for us to kill each other and create constant fear? Or do we also kill to fulfil our necessities? The answer to this is no. We humans kill to show our power and dominance over each other, which is unnecessary, as it is not a need but a means to fuel the fire of our ego. What is the point of children being born in a world where they can only see war, not love? What is the point of people living in a world where negative news spreads like wildfire and the positive news remains as a small flame which blows out soon?

The world was made out of love and was made to share, we humans have divided and plundered it on numerous basis and these differences are proving to be troublesome. Yet we can hold no one but ourselves accountable no matter how hard we try and if we really want to save our world from doom, it really is the time to wake up.

- Aadhya Venkatesh