My Bucket List !!!


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Haven’t we all wondered what are the select few things we want to be able to do before life renders it impossible? Maybe it is something that we want to do, somewhere we want to go, something we want to accomplish or fulfil one of our greatest desires? 


We all have our own renditions of what should go on our bucket lists and we reflect deeply upon our desires to decide what actually makes the cut. This list may range from something very mainstream like wanting to go sky diving or getting a tattoo, to something that is personal like something to give back to the world.

But like everything else there are so many exceptions to this too. There are those who want to do everything and those who want to do nothing. There are people like me who have reasons for selecting what makes the cut and there are people who add everything just for the experience and satisfaction of having done it. People who do not have bucket lists and have not decided as to what are the five to ten things that they want to do before they die are seriously missing out. Personally, I feel that having a list makes life so much more interesting. There is a constant assurance of feeling as though there is something that you yet need to do, something that you do for no one but yourself and your own happiness.

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My bucket list is not something extravagant or something that is entirely drawn from ZIndagi na milegi dobara. What helped me decide the few things that I absolutely want to do was choosing something endearing or likeable from various walks of life.


Queensland : The first thing I want to do is something that is only for myself and provides me with great amounts of self-satisfaction. As someone who adores travelling and loves the water and the beachside, the first thing on my bucket list is to explore the great Barrier reef in Queensland. The life and beauty that oceans hold is something that is so wonderful and intriguing to me that there is no way Scuba diving could have stayed off my list. The marine life, the corals, the plants, the accompanied serenity are all things that I like so many others want to explore, not once but as many times as I get the opportunity to.

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Publish my own book : Ambition is an integral part of who I am, and I have always hoped that my words have enough reach to impact, help or inspire at least a few people, and so the next goal on my list is to publish my own book. It may be a novel, a memoir or simply a compilation of all my poetry but making a difference is what matters the most to me.


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Disneyland : After covering self-satisfaction and ambition, the next item on my bucket list is to go back to my childhood. Everyone remembers their childhood for a few specific reasons, and many may or may not want to revisit those memories. I consider myself to be blessed to have had an ample childhood and would love to relieve the feeling of being a child and so the next item on my list is to visit all the Disneylands around the world. For me, Disneyland is the one place where no matter what demography a person belongs to, the child hidden in his/her heart does come to surface even if it is simply to relive the tales that they so often heard in their childhood.

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At least for now, I am contended at the thought of having these three diverse activities in my bucket list. The passage of time may spark inspiration for new activities to be added but for now these tasks are more than enough to sustain me as they hold great value in my heart. I hope that someday, I get to be on the other side of these things, writing about how I successfully did everything to fulfil my heart’s desires and checked everything off of my bucket list.


- -Aadhya Venkatesh