Doodle World : Young Doodle artist giving us the major inspiration goals


Whenever you talk to a teenage girl, what do you expect? You will get so many trending lingos, you will know the new fashion trends, you will expect a bit of teenage arrogance right? Well I know we can’t generalize it and we should not. There are so many exceptions and Kanak Dandige is one of them. An aspiring Doodle Artist with a huge amount of talent within.

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Kanak is 12th Standard student, and with her studies, She is running a beautiful Instagram page called World.Doodle. We can see her love for doodling by her amazingly creative posts on her page. When we asked her how you got into this doodle world she said, “ After my board exams I used to scroll through pinterest, There I saw some very creative doodles and I tried them out. After that there was no going back for me.”

She has done a really good job with her doodle cards, Happy Birthday wishes, art journal, Doodle on hand and many more. When we asked her about the name of her page she said, “ I love Doodling the world around us. It gives me peace and happiness, so I decided to keep this name World.Doodle. This is my world of doodling where I doodle the world around me.” Isn’t that interesting.


She says, “I love to doodle about Traveling, Festivals, Daily life and much more. My family, especially my mother and sister are the inspirational force behind this Instagram page.” She is just a 12th standard student, they say, She is a major inspirational goals we say.

“ I want to be a part of Doodle group where we can give out content that can make people think and give a positive outlook.” A 16 year old girl says.

We see many people, especially youngsters around us, instead of telling them how modernization is spoiling them, find creativity in them and then you will see how they can change the whole perspective, the world. We wish Kanak all the best for her Doodle career.

Niharika Pole Sarwate