Foods to Avoid Before Bed-


Quick Questions: Do you know that there are some foods which we need to avoid eating before we go to bed? Do you want to know the list of food which you should avoid before bed? And Do you want to know the reasons as to why you should not have these foods before bed?

If yes! Then let us try to find the answers to these questions.

Sometimes we all have those midnight cravings to have some kind of snack at night, but at the same time, it is very important to know that such habits might really affect you and your health negatively and can have a bad impact on your body. Also if you consume some foods too close to your bedtime, then it can really affect your body, and also it will hold you back from getting good sleep.

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Also, eating food before bed can cause the body’s metabolism to very slow. The body prepares itself for sleep and slows down its functions, but consuming foods before bed especially high in carbs can make it difficult to digest and will result in weight gain.

So, are some of the food which you should avoid before bed -

Citric Food and Tomatoes -
Citric Food and Tomatoes_
You should avoid eating tomatoes and citric foods before bed because they have a bad impact on your sleep. They make you urinate frequently and you end up going to the bathroom the whole night. Similarly, tomatoes have loads of tyramine.
Chocolates and caffeinated drinks -
Chocolates and caffeinate
As we already know that we should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as they can lead to sleeplessness, as goes with chocolate too. Eating chocolate before bed would make you stay up all night. So, do drink or eat chocolates and caffeine drinks.

Cruciferous vegetables -
Cruciferous vegetables _1
Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc are generally very good for our health but it is not good to have it before you go to bed as it could lead to digestive troubles. And because of these troubles, you will end up staying up the whole night. The best time to eat these veggies is in the day time because if you eat these vegies in the day time it would be digested till night or before you lay down in your bed.

Cured Meat and cheeses -
Cured Meat and cheeses_1&
Cured Meat and cheeses are a great choice to have in your breakfast or in your lunch. But you should avoid eating these in your dinner because meat contains high protein and cheese have amino acid tyramine which makes you alert.

Ice cream -
Ice cream _1  H
having a bowl of ice cream before sleeping will make you more active. Also, like other fatty things, icecream may also take some time to be digested and your body won’t be able to rest well and because it’s still digesting food.

So, try to avoid eating these foods before going to bed!


And let us know in the comments section below what foods do you avoid eating before you go to bed?


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