Unexplored Places in South India

Southern India is one of the most calm and serene places in the country. The beauty of all the different places here is unmatched. Swarms of tourists visit South India each year, leading to a lot of commercialization. Thankfully, there are still some places here which are relatively unexplored and non-commercialized. You won’t see a lot of tourists here and you will be away from the buzz and chaos and will surely have a peaceful, serene time. Keep reading to know about these hidden gems.
Tharangambadi -
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This little coastal town in Tamil Nadu is known for its Danish history. The place is not explored and you will not see many tourists here. The place still holds the serenity of ancient times. The town is also known as the Land of Singing Waves. A few of the famous spots in this town are the Fort Dansborg, the Danish Cemetery, the Zeigenbalg Museum and the Zion Church. The famous temple here called Masilamani Nathar was built way back in 1306. This town is called as Tranquebar as the Scandinavians could not pronounce the original Indian name of it. One should definitely visit this place for the calmness it has to offer.
Belum Caves -

Belum Caves_1   
These caves are the most unique part about Andhra Pradesh as these are not just the 2nd biggest caves in India but also the longest ones in the country. These enchanting caves are of black limestone and have fresh water galleries and even siphons inside of them. This water has made a deep, almost cavity-like formation inside the caves which is almost 150 feet deep. These caves were formed 300 million years ago by the limestone deposit erosion by the Chitravati River. This is the best place to visit if you love exploring colossal ancient caves.
Dhanushkodi -
Dhanushkodi _1  
Also known as Lost Town or Ghost Town, Dhanushkodi is a situated in the Southeastern most point in Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu. This beautiful coastal town was tragically destroyed in the Rameswaram cyclone in 1964. Today, this town is uninhabited because of the aftermath of the cyclone. The railway line of Dhanushkodi got destroyed during this cyclone, and when it hit the train, around a 100 passengers drowned with it. The entire town is left in ruins, but still looks magnificent. It is amazing for exploration.
Papi Hills -
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 The Papi hills are located in Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. The Papi hills or the Papi Kondalu is a gorge in the Western Godavari. The most scenic activity to do here is to go boating. The boat rides here are extremely serene and picturesque. You can enter Papi hills from Rajahmundry and Kunavaram. You can choose from quite a variety of trips to the gorge depending on the duration of trip. A fun fact is that the tour boats here are called as “Launches” and are the primary transport here. This place should definitely be paid a visit for a spellbinding time.
These were some of my favorite unexplored places located in South India. They aren’t just unexplored and serene, but are also very interesting with rich history attached to them. When planning your next trip to South India, do keep these areas in mind as inspiration. All of these are worth paying a visit. I hope you enjoyed today’s article. Do let us know in the comments below which is your favorite unexplored place!
- Kinjal Dixit