5 Unique Breakfast Dishes from Around the World

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and simply cannot do without. But they can get repetitive and generally boring. So if you’ve ever wondered what breakfast looks like around the world and would like some inspiration to incorporate in your breakfasts, this is the article for you. Trying these will not only break your usual breakfast routine and push you try something new, but also help you learn about different cultures and their variations. So here are some of the most intriguing breakfasts from around the world:
Brazil -
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Brazilians simply adore their morning coffee, and like it nice & black. But besides coffee, they do not go too heavy on solids. They mostly have foods like cheese flavored rolls, bread loaves eaten with butter alongside ham and cheese. They also like incorporate a lot of fruit in their breakfast, mostly papayas and bananas. They also occasionally have cakes which are made really simple, without any kind of frosting but with delicious natural flavoring made out of fruit. This is one of the simplest breakfasts one could have.
Japan -

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Japanese breakfasts, traditionally, are made up of a lot little different dishes. It is also called as wafuu breakfast. The three main dishes in their breakfasts are salmon, miso and natto. Besides for these, there is also rice, nori seaweed, pickled vegetables and eggs. Miso soup is one of the popular and necessary dishes in their daily food routine, and it is absolutely delicious. You can also find beans and a few different fish quite a lot in their menus. The Japanese breakfast is really healthy and works great if you are looking to lose weight.
Poland –
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the traditional Polish breakfast tends to be really hearty and decadent. They have eggs, often scrambled, along with sausages. Another popular dish is potato pancakes, which look absolutely gorgeous. Some other items are an open sandwich / burger which are had with cold cut meats, eggs, more sausages and lots of cheese.
China -
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Apart from just dumplings with soup, the Chinese breakfast has a lot more to offer. Their breakfasts hold an entire array of different kinds of foods. These include Chinese crullers, which are served along with fried turnip cakes, some warm soy milk & sesame balls. They also have rice noodles with beef, crepes, and savory pasta. Doesn’t that sound absolutely hearty?
Scotland -
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Scottish breakfasts are really interesting, consisting of oatmeal with onion, and Haggis which is a traditional meat pudding. Besides this, they mostly eat sausage, bacon, fried eggs, bakes beans, pudding. They also eat scones, toast and fried tomatoes with mushrooms.
These were some of the breakfast dishes that are eaten around the world. These foods tell us about their culture and traditions, which is really interesting to me. I hope you enjoyed this article and came to know a little more about food cultures in the world. If you would like me to cover more countries and their traditions, do let us know in the comments section down below!
 - Kinjal Dixit