#2020FNreport: Taking Precaution is Still a Necessity!

The end of year 2020 is near and many people, as usual, are planning to have a party to welcome the new year. But this has not been a normal year and the pandemic is still not over yet. We all need to keep in mind that the vaccine has come but until we all get the vaccine, there is always the risk of getting infected. While we all deserve the celebration for the end of this year, we must be on the side of precautions while celebrating.
So, take a look at these necessary precautions which need to followed while having new year’s celebration so we can all arrive in the new year with safety and good health -
Wearing a Mask is a Must -
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While going to a new year’s party we need to wear our masks. One unavoidable thing in parties is a food which cannot be consumed while wearing a mask. So, my advice and humble request to all is to try to find a place where there are fewer people and sit at a distance while having food. Another important thing that many tend to ignore is that wearing masks is important but not to touching our masks every now and then is more important because if we keep touching our masks there is a risk that virus may settle on our mask.
Carry Sanitizer -
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Whenever we go out, we should always carry a sanitizer, and especially when we are going to attend a New Year party. We should take a sanitizer with us because while we meet our friends or family members we often shake hands as we meet. So, applying sanitizer every ten minutes can keep us safe.
Social Distancing -
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When we meet our friends, family members, or our relatives after so many months we often forget about social distancing. This is a must! We need to keep a distance of at least six feet. We need to keep in mind to practice social distancing at every place, be it a party or a mall or a grocery shop or anything. After leaving our house we need to understand that practicing social distancing can make a lot of difference.
Have a Bath –
have a bath _1  
After returning home from the party, the first thing one should do without touching anything in the house is to go and take a bath. It is very important to take a bath after coming from a crowded place because we don’t know and we don’t remember where all we have touched, what all we have done and the worst part is the virus can probably be on any part of our body. Hence, it is always good to have a bath after returning from any place.
Wash our clothes -
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Immediately after returning from the party, we should wash our clothes and sanitize all the things which we have carried to the party like mobile, sling bags. This is because researchers have found that the virus on clothes, mobile phones, bags, etc. can stay active for many hours and days. That is why it is always advisable to wash & sanitize everything immediately after coming back home.
The fight against the virus is still not over yet. We have to take these precautions every day and everywhere.
Stay Safe! Stay Alert! Have a Safe Celebrations!