#2020FNReport: Positive Things That Happened in 2020


2020_1  H x W:  
As we all know and have experienced, 2020 was the most challenging year for us as a globe. Besides the pandemic, a lot of other major events occurred through the months which kept making the year more tough to get through. We have all been through a lot, and cannot wait to enter the year 2021 for a new and a fresh start in our lives. But besides the countless negative things that happened this year, there are some positives that were noteworthy and need to be mentioned, as it would be unfair to regard the year as totally filled with negative events.
Pollution Levels Dropped Significantly:
Pollution Levels Dropped_
While we were all locked inside our homes, Mother Nature was able to finally breathe in some fresh air. Pollution levels globally dropped immensely as businesses big & small along with transport came to a definite halt. Last year, the pollution levels had gotten so bad that it was declared as a health emergency. But within the months of quarantine, the levels of pollution became much better, and all we had to do was not get out of the house. Just imagine the kind of change we could make happen if we put in conscious efforts towards this problem! A crazy fact is that the pollution levels dropped by 60% within just the first week of lockdown.
Bush-Fires in Australia Stopped:

bush fires stoped_1  
In the early 2020, Australia had been facing the devastating fires for months, but they finally stopped due to heavy rains in the area. The fire had already killed more than 28 people and injured thousands. Millions of animals in the country were also affected by the fires. The fires finally stopped after 240 days in South Wales, Australia. The heavy rains supposedly stopped more than 30 fires in just a weekend. Although a few fires still remained up until early March, the horrors faced by the country came to a halt.
Diets & Eating Habits Changed for the Better:
A ton of people around the world used the period of lockdown to polish their cooking skills. Preparation of healthier, more environment friendly & hygienic ways of food preparation came to be. People started eating a lot healthier than usual, as home-cooked meals were all one could eat during these months. This was one of the most positive outcomes of this year, as bad eating habits were a huge cause of health disorders all over the world.
A Fossil of a Modern-Day Bird Was Found:
wonder chicken _1 &n
The oldest fossil of the modern bird was discovered which dates back to a whopping 66 million years. That is even older than the age of dinosaurs. The scientists have named this bird the “wonder chicken”. That is because the creature looks like a chicken from the front and a duck from the back. This is like a preserved skull of the ancestors of the modern-day ducks and chickens and this fossil can help reveal the mysteries of the evolution of modern-day & cretaceous period birds as well. This is one of the greatest scientific progresses of this year.
These were some of the unusual positives that happened this year in the sea of the negative & catastrophic events that were a part of 2020. This year taught us many things, but most of all, it taught us to stay strong in challenging times and look for the good things in situations even when everything around us seems to be going south. I hope you have wonderful year ahead of you and that the year ahead will prove to be better than the previous one.
 -Kinjal Dixit