Points to keep in mind while having a conversation: Elements and Barriers to communication

 Why do we bother about conversation you ask? Well, because it is the most important skill to have! YES, it is that important!

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We should always know about the things we are speaking about and how we speak or things that can affect our conversation. After all, a good conversation is a first step to building a good relationship.
So, let us have a look at the elements of effective communication i.e. the points which we need to keep in mind while having a conversation and the barriers to effective conversation.
Elements of Effective Communication
Clarity -

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The Message should be conveyed in simple terms and should be systematically framed so that the audience who is listening should understand the message, the words and ideas of a speaker should be crystal clear.
Correct Usage - (error of terror) The information coming out of the speaker’s mouth should be error-free to avoid ambiguity. This helps to convey the correct message to the receiver.
Complete Message – The speaker should frame his words in such way that the complete message is conveyed to the audience, they must get the complete message.
Brevity and Precision – This is the quality of being exact and accurate. It is an essential feature of writing as well! An effective conversation requires to be correct and appropriate and should be brief enough so that your audience does not get bored.
Reliability – This is concerned with the ability of a network to carry. It is also concerned with the ability of a network to carry out a desired operation such as communication.
Emphasis on the Recipient - An "effective" message is one that's received in the way that the sender intended. Also, the sender should make sure that the recipient should get that importance or emphasis while you are in a conversation with him or her.
Courtesy - Always try to be polite and courteous with a person you are speaking to. This helps in building a positive relationship between the speaker and the receiver.
Barriers to Effective Communication -
• Barriers Involving Words
• Barriers Involving Peoples Background
Physical Barriers
1. Barriers Involving Words -

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Language is one of the main barriers that limit effective communication. It is the most commonly employed tool of communication. The fact that each major region has its language is one of the barriers to effective communication. Barriers involving words mainly include - language, disorganized message, abstract message, information-overloaded.
2. Barriers Involving People’s Background - Different backgrounds have a different meaning for several basic values of society. Dressing, religions, food, drinks, and general behavior will change drastically from one background to another. Barriers involving peoples background includes - attitude difference, demographic difference, lack of common experiences, jumping into conclusions etc.
3. Physical Barriers - They are the most obvious barriers to effective communication. These barriers are mostly easily removable in principle at least they include barriers like technological barriers, closed doors, etc.
So, these were the points which one needs to keep in mind while having a conversation to build a good relationship with the person and also to make your conversation effective.