Do You Want To Start Your Online Business? If Yes! This Is The First Step

Quick Questions: Are you new to this content industry? Or Do you struggle in creating content for social media? Or Do you want to start your own online business? Or Do you want to start a side hustle, while doing your 9-5 job and don’t really know how to start with it? Or Do you want to get premium clients as a freelancer or as a digital marketer?
If the answer to these questions is a Yes!
Then here are some amazing online courses and academies which you must invest in to see some surprising results.

digital marketers_1 
 Digital marketing is a rapidly growing and evolving career path. For the past four years, digital marketing has grown on a larger scale. Also, there are many digital marketers coming up every single day. In the digital industry, it is very important to stand away from the crowd. Like other fields, even in digital marketing, there is huge competition in the industry and it is said that the competition will rapidly increase in a few years. But there is a positive aspect of it as well, due to this pandemic there are so many job opportunities open in digital marketing. Also, now every small business wants to come on a digital platform to get more customers and attract their clients.
People are earning lakhs and crores of rupees through digital media. So, why shouldn’t you start with your online business or side-hustle or freelancing, or anything else in digital marketing?
If you want to make a good amount of money through digital marketing then, Here are some amazing online courses and academies which you must join -
Marketing Accelerator Aca
is a program by Roota Mittal, commonly known as the freelance queen. It is a proven and tested course. Inside this course, she teaches you how to grow your freelance marketing business by her tried and tested methods. It is a six-module program that teaches about all the marketing skills like sales funnels, sales training, Facebook ads, proposals, and also how to get international clients. Inside MAA you will have one-year access to coaching calls with Roota, lifetime access to training inside the academy with all the new updates. Also, there are proven blueprints and videos to help you get started on your freelancing journey.
the hustlepost academy _1
is an academy by Saloni Shrivastava, a business coach, and a famous YouTuber. Hustlepost academy trains individuals to start with their own side-hustle or with an online business that is close by their niches and develop that into a full-time career in a year’s time. Inside the academy, you get access to many courses to kickstart your online journey efficiently. Also, you will get some resources such as templates, PDFs, swipe up files, and other plug and play. There will be weekly group coaching calls and a Facebook group to connect and grow with people.
Slay Your Gram_1 &nb
is a program by Tejal Chopra, a sales funnel expert and an Instagram growth coach. This program will help you to grow organically on Instagram, get more inquiries, leads, and get high paying clients through Instagram with her tried and tested methods. Inside Slay Your Gram you will get access to the Instagram office makeover, the sales formula of Instagram, how to engage in your stories, and many more things. Also, you will get some checklists, a mini hashtag course, a Facebook group community, 30-day content calendar templates, and many more exciting things that will help you to grow your business through Instagram.

Magnetic Content Academy_ 
is founded by the famous YouTuber Sonitha Mandva (Astridelle). Inside the academy, she has deeply divided into the strategies related to content creation for social media. It is a complete blueprint to establish and use your social media accounts (mainly Instagram) as a brand for your business. Inside MCA you will have access to the course modules for three months and she will teach you everything you need to know about content creation. Also, you will get an E-Book with 30+ content ideas that will help you to plan your content for a month in less than two hours.
So, if you want to start with your online business or with freelancing or with a side hustle or if you are struggling with content creation for social media, then go and start now by learning new skills by joining these courses and academies. Because if you want to start something of your own then the right time is NOW!
-Moulshree Sarwate