Archana Singh – Founder of Travel See Write

Archana Singh is one personality on Instagram who proved that you can build a successful business from scratch if only you have the passion for it. Archana is actually a Brand Management Expert professionally but is a Travel Writer and Explorer at heart. She is also a solo traveler, who believes more in experience rather than company. Her inquisitiveness and spontaneity got her to where she is now, all on her own. To know more about her story and how she got into travel blogging, keep on reading.

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For her travel was the most precious thing in life; hence, she started blogging in 2014 when she still had her job. She loved to travel so much that she eventually sacrificed her corporate career to pursue travelling. She used to be a normal person with a job, and had a fat pay check coming into her account every month. But for her, traveling was bigger than that, and she finally decided to give up on it and the lifestyle coming along with it to go after her passion for travel. Already coming from an army background, she got to travel a lot even as a kid. And then as an adult with a corporate job, she contemplated on what gave her true actual happiness. Hence, in 2017, she finally took the plunge. She quit her full-time job and started travel blogging as her main career. What inspired this was a travel content conference in Philippines, where she was visiting for work. This conference taught her a lot and gave her the confidence to actually take a leap of faith for her passion. First, the money was less and she had to spend out of her savings for the major part of her expenses. But gradually, she started making out of it. The business took off two years ago and was doing amazing until this year, when the pandemic hit. Till then, she worked with Tourism companies related to hospitality or airlines, or something along those lines. With working along those companies, she makes her money.
She distinguishes herself from other travel bloggers as she believes she has stories to tell which have a deeper connection. She spreads more positivity through these stories and tries to travel to offbeat places to unearth some untold stories about fellow humans. She also has 3 pillars for these stories; the first one is women empowerment, the second one is environment / sustainability, the third one is working with smaller people who are not funded by big brands. That was her intention behind Travel See Write.
She has now traveled to 60+ countries till date, and has over 44k followers on her social media. She has also been a speaker at numerous events including Tedx and the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2019, among numerous others. She remains true to herself and her passion by only working with certain types of brands that mean something to her. She is truly a one of a kind person & an amazing blogger. Her Instagram handle is travelseewrite where she posts phenomenal pictures of the places she’s traveled to, as well as her experiences. I hope you enjoyed this article and Archana’s inspiring story. Comment down below if you want to read more such stories and we will be sure to post them!
-  Kinjal Dixit