Are Communication Skills Really Important?


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Quick Questions: What are communication skills? Why do we need to have good communication skills? Is it really important to have good communication skills? And, if yes! Then how this skill beneficial for us? And How can we improve communication skills?
Let us try to find out the answer to these questions!
Communication skills are the abilities we use while receiving and giving different kinds of messages of information. It is a skill in which we learn how to communicate and convey our thoughts to others. There are four wheels of communication - Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.
This skill helps us to understand the difference while communicating through face to face or telephonic conversation or digital conversation like through emails or other social media platforms.
Importance to have good communication skills -

importents of communicati 
1. Good communication in an interview means great chances of getting selected because the first quality or skill that the interviewer notices is how well we are communicating.
2. Communication skills are one of the top ten skills requirements by an employer year after year. Also, employees take some online training to improve their communication skills.
3. Also, communication skills help in great progression in our careers.
4. Effective communication helps to build a strong connection with clients. The way we communicate speaks the most about us. The way we speak/communicate with our clients is the first impression that we give to our clients.
5. Good communication helps us to absorb a wide range of information and express our thoughts, ideas, and opinion in a clear and concise way.
6. This skill helps us to be socially active i.e. it helps us to connect with people more efficiently.
7. When we have a good command over a conversation, it boosts our confidence to speak and communicate with more people.
Since now we know the meaning of communication skills and the importance of it, lets us now deep dive into the benefits of communication skills -

benefits of communication 
1. Builds Trust - A good communication builds a strong trust with our clients or to the person with whom we are communicating. Communication is the most powerful tool to build trust and convince our clients.
2. Provides Clarity and Direction - It is very important to have clarity when we are working with clients so as to ensure their requirements and what kind of work do they expect from us and for knowing this it is very important to have good communication with them.
3. Increases Productivity- When we have to work in a team at our workplace, it is very important to have good coordination among the team members. So, for having good coordination, it is essential to communicate with the team members effectively so that the work can be done smoothly.
4. Helps in solving problems - The ability to communicate plays a large role in resolving problems and conflicts. Often the biggest reason for misunderstanding between two people is a lack of communication. Hence, we should always try to solve the conflict by communicating with each other.
“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others”
- Anthony Robbin
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