Short and Crisp: The Blue Helmet


Have you ever seen someone wearing a helmet all the time? Even if they are not riding a bike or even a moped? How would you react if you see someone wearing a helmet even if that person is cooking in his/her kitchen? You would laugh, right? Even I thought the same, but not after watching this heartbreaking short film. This short film named “The Blue Helmet” is a story of a lady, who wears a blue helmet all the time, even while she is making her own tea or even when she is doing her Yoga. The question comes, Why?

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You will get the answer in the end, after that you will never laugh at anyone wearing a helmet. This lady gets up in the morning, does her usual things and starts making tea, 2-3 times she hit the door or bang on a kitchen cupboard door, thus she wears a blue helmet. And we can see a day in her life, where she does all her work with the helmet. She goes to market with the same, sits in an auto with the same fearlessly, even when people are laughing at her.

She comes back home and then what she does, explains everything. Her reason behind wearing that helmet speaks a lot about the situation in our country where people wear a helmet only with the fear of police checking not because they are risking their lives without wearing a helmet. It is horrible when people do not consider wearing a helmet important because it kills their look or style, they forget that not wearing a helmet can kill them. Know why this lady wears this blue helmet all the time at the end of the video, till then keep guessing.

This short film is presented on Six Sigma’s youtube channel. And till now more than 450K people have seen this short film. The most beautiful part is there is not a single dialogue present in this short film. Watch this beautiful heart touching short film and do let us know what do you think about it.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate