Top notch Indian destinations for solo trips (Part II)

It is usually habitual of travelers to have a plan for a solo trip in their 'to do list'. Resembling individual independence, self confidence and trust on personal judgments, literally everyone out there wants to do a solo trip at least once in this lifetime, which makes it a lifestyle trend in today's world.

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In the last article, we went through three of the Indian destinations most preferred for solo trips. Here are another three destinations for you to plan ahead.
All the three places are from Himachal Pradesh and provide the best spots to travel in Northern India. Being a part of the lower Himalayas, the places provide the best environment for your travel plans. The Himalayan Rivers provide both the elements of adventure and calmness.

The region had been important during the British rule and for the people interested to connect with a different culture from their regular one, have a lot waiting for them. Shimla and Manali still has a lot of family based tourism but Kasol is mostly chosen as a Hippie spot to chill out from the everyday stress. The village of Kasol has sustained its reputation as a Hippie hideout but lately has been openly chosen by solo travelers as well. All of these places are a treat to travelers all year long, with no restrictions on the right time to visit them. Every day is right to visit these places. These places will also give you the best Cafe experiences in the whole country. While one visits Kasol, he also makes it a point to visit the nearby Chalal village which provides the best spots to observe sunsets.
While in Kasol, one must not fail to visit the Manikaran Gurudwara to engage in a completely different kind of spiritual experience.

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The state of Kerala is literally a heaven for travelers and the safest environment for the ladies on their solo expeditions. Throughout history, the state has witnessed the ingress of Islam and Christianity into India, since the earliest dates of both the religions in India can date back to Kerala first. So the state the oldest of churches and mosques of India, which can definitely make place in your Travel plan. In case of Hindu temples, the state is anyway has a rich culture of beautiful and ancient temples owing to the ancient Sangam culture. The state is the land of gods in the real sense.

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The state has the most unique environment and has an extensive network of backwaters and lakes. That is why; fishing and boats are important elements of the culture of the Malayalis. Living a night in a boat house is a unique thing that one should experience when in Kerala. The state has a rich culture of Kathakali and Mohiniyattam, which you should not miss at all. Medical tourism is an important aspect of Kerala's tourism and you should not think twice before spending an entire day at one of the Spa and healing centres and have the most relieving experience, mentally as well as physically.

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Darjeeling is a paradise you cannot find elsewhere in India. The most important remark of the place for solo travelers is that it is comparatively safe if you are planning to visit Darjeeling all by yourself. Apart from a memorable experience, the place provides a visual treat. A visit to the Tiger Hill early morning only to witness the sun rise above Mt. Kanchenjunga, which is the highest peak of Himalayas on the Indian administered land. Since the North Eastern region has been greatly under the influence of Buddhism, Darjeeling has beautiful monasteries worth a visit, the Ghoom Monastery being one of most visited among them. The region is environmentally rich being nurtured by the Himalayas themselves. The P N Zoological park is a must visit for nature lovers. The Mirik Lake is another must visit spot of Darjeeling. To reach the lake you will have to travel along the Indo-Nepal border which adds to the collection of your memories.
So friends, wait no more and get going on your solo adventures and mark your journeys.
- Himali Nalawade