Don’t be super harsh on yourself…!


Hey you, yes you who is reading this.. I want to tell you something, that you are being super harsh on yourself. Every day you are blaming yourself for not being the best, for not achieving your goals, for not winning that one match, or for failing in your exams, or just not fulfilling other’s expectations. I just want to tell you that you are doing your best, and you do not deserve this hatred from yourself.

be ok_1  H x W:

Think about that one moment when you accepted yourself the way you are? Think about that one moment when you were carefree about what people talk about you or what they think of you, or what is their perception about you. You are that confident person who believes in himself/herself. So why are you taking up so much on you? Let it go. Let the world understand you the way you are.

be ok_1  H x W:

It is okay if you fail at your one or two goals, which is important to get back and fight again. It is okay to not to be okay at times, what is essential? to believe that you will be okay. It is okay if you do not fulfil other’s expectations, or do not keep everyone happy, you are not bound to. I know you are so giving even if people think that you are not. Just be yourself.

Be that fearless person, who can achieve anything and everything that he/she wants. Be your own superhero. Be your own cheerleader. Don’t be super harsh on yourself. Take it slow and go with the flow, I am sure you will reach your destination very very soon.