7 Travel Hacks you Need for your next Trip

Times are changing again and people are slowly deciding to travel and go on vacations. But with traveling comes a lot of stress and issues. Right from packing to double checking everything from time to time, everything needs to be made sure of multiple times. So, for making your travel experience a little easier, I’m going to tell you a few amazing hacks that you can do for a smooth trip.
Roll Your Clothing –

rolled up clothes_1  
This is a basic one, but rolling your clothes before packing it in the suitcase saves A LOT of your space. It also decreases the creasing of clothes, and it was way easier to find your clothes when they are rolled vs when they are piled up in folds in the suitcase. You will find a lot of extra areas in your luggage after rolling & you can use it to pack other things.
Leave half of your clothes at home –
We all know we pack things that aren’t needed. A lot of times, A LOT more clothes than we know we’re actually going to wear. I’ve been guilty of doing that on almost every trip I’ve been to. So do not pack the clothes that you know you won’t wear. This will give you a lot more space than you anticipated.
Pack your shoes in Shower Caps –
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This is an important hack, and is extremely useful. Use shower caps to pack your shoes in so as not to soil your clothes and other belonging. Shower caps are convenient to use and maybe your hotel rooms will provide them to you.
Pre-Plan your Outfits and Make Lists –
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I cannot stress it enough how much pre-planning your outfits makes your packing easy and stress-free. Plan what you will wear each day of the trip, and this will save you space and prevent all the over-packing. Referring to your itinerary and sorting out your outfits will make the process even easier.
Put socks inside your Footwear –

travel hacks_1   
Roll up your socks and put them inside your shoes. This will not only save you a lot of space, but will also preserve the shape of your shoe, which tends to get ruined in luggage.
Take Screenshots to Find your Way –

travel hacks_1   
take screenshots of the maps of your from Google Maps before your trip. This will be of huge help when you actually reach your destination but have no Wifi connections or data no your phone. This is bound to make your traveling much easier and safer.
Carry a Decoy / Dummy Wallet –
Besides carrying extra cash with you on your travels, also carry a dummy wallet along with you. Robberies are huge possibility that may occur during trips, and carrying a dummy wallet will fool the thieves and leave them with nothing. This is a great hack for safety from such occurrences!
These were some basic but essential hacks every tourist or traveler should follow. These hacks will ensure that you have a safe and a hassle-free travel experience. I hope you enjoyed this article and gained some insight on some tips & tricks of traveling smartly. Do comment down below for a Part 2 of this article!
- Kinjal Dixit