How to Stay Motivated Every Day?

Quick Questions: Do you have a lack of motivation when you get up early in the morning? Or Do you feel demotivated on some days? Or Are you finding that you are extremely motivated on certain days ready to conquer the day and let others know that you are here but yet finding a lack of motivation in yourself? If the answer is YES, here are some ways to keep yourself motivated every day.
There are certain days when you feel really alive and energetic and motivated. You feel like you are ready to conquer the world and accomplish all of your goals right in that one moment. You are visualizing what your futures goals and dreams coming true.
However there also certain days when you feel low, you are not at the top of the world, when you are feeling unmotivated and do not feel like doing any of your work. It is very tough to remain motivated every single day. But motivation is something which cannot be thought by our parents, teachers or anyone. You have to learn or find out ways how you can motivate yourself each day. Motivation is not something which you get from outside, it is something which must be present in you.

Here are some ways by which you can motivate yourself each and every day -
1. Planning your tasks -
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Time is the one resource that you can’t buy, but you often use it or waste it inefficiently. Hence planning your tasks on a daily basis gives you clarity of what all work you have to do in the coming day. Planning about your tasks mainly helps you to be on track to accomplish your goals each day even if you lack motivation. Effective planning will help you in understanding how can you really do your work within time, avoid taking more things than you can handle, achieving a good work-life, and many more.
2. Start by doing small tasks -

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Success is a cycle. When you take more action, you get even more results. Sometimes when you start your day by doing big tasks, it may lead to a burden in the beginning. But, if you do smaller tasks first it creates a positive impact on your brain and hence gives you the motivation to do more work and also drives to move forward to create even more victories in your work.
3. Reduce daily distractions -
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When you have a lot of distractions around, it is very difficult to focus on your work and studies. You have to work to create habits that signal to yourself and also to those around you so that you are in a distraction-free environment. If you have a distraction-free environment you will work more efficiently and when you will work more efficiently you will get results and when you will see yourself getting results you will automatically get motivated to work.
4. Be kind to yourself -

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It is very important to be kind to yourself and stop judging yourself when you make mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes! Your goal should be to learn from your mistakes. Being kind to yourself promotes confidence and self-growth, and also the way you treat yourself reflects the way you will treat others. This is the power of acceptance to be kind and humble. When you are kind to yourself in a way you are motivating yourself in doing your tasks and achieving your goals.
5. Be constructive about failures-
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Learning from your failure plays a major factor in dealing with the defeat of a person as everyone must learn at some point in order to minimize their failure. Most people fail in this because they think maybe something wasn’t meant to be or they may be not intelligent or smart enough to do that particular thing. But this is certainly not true, you may have failures in your life but the main challenge is to look at those things which lead us to this failure and also you should try to learn from your failures so that you will not make the same mistakes in your future.
There is a famous saying that” Push yourself! No one is going to do it for you”, which means stop being lazy and demotivated and begin the journey of changing your life for good. So, here were some ways by which you can motivate yourself every day. Let us know in the comments section below what is that one thing that motivates you every day?
- Moulshree Sarwate