SRK Turns 55 & We Bring You Inspirational Quotes by The King of Bollywood!

A Delhi-boy with big dreams comes to Mumbai and achieves everything he ever desired! In recent years, when there are constant talks of nepotism, groupism and internal supports to achieve big in B-town; Shahrukh Khan’s success story is one that gives hope to many.

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Starting from theatre to TV serials then winning our hearts as ‘Rahul’, ‘Raj’ & ‘Aman’ SRK does not just charm with romance but action as well! There are few who play the villain and at the end of the movie, the audience wants to support him instead of the hero! But Shahrukh has done it with ‘Baazigar’, ‘Darr’ & both ‘Don 1 & 2’.
Shahrukh Khan has won our hearts with his mesmerizing smile and incredible talent but there is so much more to SRK than meets the eye and we see it in his candid interviews and late-night tweets! So, as the heartthrob turns 55 today, here are some quotes by the actor which prove just how dazzling our King of Bollywood really is!
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We wish you a very happy birthday SRK!