Must Take Road Trips in India (Part II)

In the last article, we took a review of three of the 'Must take road trips in India', which were Mumbai to Goa, Bangalore to Ooty and Guwahati to Tawang. Today, let us take a look to the further three road trips in the list starting from obviously, the Himalayas.
1. Spiti Valley Via Kinnar to Shimla

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If you are a biker then there's no way that Spiti valley isn't on your list. I rather might be among the top most destinations. There's actually another way to reach Shimla from Spiti which passes through Manali. However, in that case due to sudden changes in elevation, travelers usually face sickness and health problems. Whereas, the route to Spiti Valley from Kinnaur Valley provides a gradual ascent to travelers, which eventually helps them fight any chances of mountain sickness. The journey is full of surprises and will share some unique experiences for the traveler which he may not experience anywhere else around the world. The India-Tibet Highway is one of the toughest roads to travel by in the world and before starting the journey it is important to understand the depth of the fact that the trip is not at all going to be a piece of cake.
2. Ahmedabad to Kutch

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Gujarat is renowned for it's vibrant and colorful culture. The Kutch district of Gujarat is one of the largest districts in India. Kuutch's Rann Festival that happens in November is known and loved by not only Indian but foreign tourists and travelers as well. Therefore, most of the travelers plan to take the Ahmedabad to Kutch road trip during the festival. Unlike other trips, which are more attached to the natural phenomenon, the road trip to Kutch is more connected to the cultural aspect throughout the journey. There are many important places that one comes across while taking this journey but the most important sport on the way, which should not be ignored at any cost is the ancient Indus Valley site of Dholavira. A little halt at the site gives a whole new perception to the remaining journey, so if you are planning to do this trip then now is the best time. Besides a halt at Dholavira is a must.
3. Chennai to Puducherry

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This journey is highly aesthetic as it constantly goes by the East Coast road. There are actually three routes from Chennai to Pondicherry. Besides the ECR, one is NH32 which runs from Chennai to Thoorhukudi in Tamil Nadu while the other one is NH 48 which runs from Delhi to Chennai crossing seven states of the country. Among the three, ECR is the most chosen option specifically because of the scenic views it provides throughout the journey. Just like the previous journey, this one too passes through an ancient site of Sangam culture; Mamalapuram or Mahabalipuram. Again, this place is worth a halt and I'd suggest you to take your time and observe the details of the ancient place rather than rushing out without paying attention towards literally a miniature of the Pallava culture and architecture.

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Once you reach Puducherry, there will lots of churches of Portuguese style which will sustain your entire mood. But the city won't have any temple as ancient and old as the one at Mahabalipuram and if it is anyway going to be on the way to your destination then not visiting the place would prove a long standing regret.
- HimaliNalawade