Top notch Indian destinations for solo trips (Part I)

Travelling all by yourself is one thing that every traveler has among the top most objectives of their travel plans. In fact solo trips are the new trend. Resembling individual independence, self confidence and trust on personal judgments, literally everyone out there wants to do a solo trip at least once in this lifetime.

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Well there are several destinations in India that can prove to be best choices to plan your solo trips. Let us have a look at these places in India that provide the best experiences for solo trips.
The Venice of the East- Udaipur
The entire state of Rajasthan provides travelers with a royal experience altogether because of the numerous spots of the Maharaja heritage to visit. Among all these places, Udaipur turns out to be the best option for solo travelers, especially because of its safe and tourism friendly social environment.

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Many of the usual travelers base their travel plans on some bollywood movie that has idealized the place for travelling. Bunny and Naina's Udaipur adventures had definitely made many people plan their trips to this city. But there was no exaggeration in the movie about the royalty and rich heritage of the city of Udaipur.
In fact for many travelers, the main attraction to travel solo to Udaipur was the famous Zostel that provides accommodation right next to the Lake Pichola, with the best sunset view. Besides, there are several other places that a person can totally visit by himself and enjoy their own company at such as the Udaipur City Palace, the Fateh Sagar Lake and the Sajjangarh Palace. The ancient temple of Eklingji Temple is worth visiting. However, today the original temple and idol cannot be observed since they were destroyed during the invasions of the Delhi Sultanate.
The ancient city of Hampi

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Again in case of Maharashtrian travelers, the recent Marathi movie of 'Hampi' has been an effective factor in enhancing the travel plans for Hampi among them. However, the beauty of the city is well known to all of us since ages and travelling to hampi all alone cannot be defined better than cherry on the cake.
The nature of the place demands for a peaceful mindset while traveling in Hampi to understand the details of the city and absorb the mood of Hampi. The fact that the city is situated on the bank of river Tungbhadra itself is evident enough to explain the significance of planning a 'solo' trip there. The things one will experience and observe in a solo trip to Hampi will never be experienced while in a group.

The Spiritual Rishikesh

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Mostly, people decide to make a solo trip to a place like Rishikesh is to seek for a holy and spiritual experience. Most of the times, people are often irritated with their year long scheduled routine lifestyle and for a break, more than having fun, all they want is peace. With such expectations, people often turn towards Rishikesh and their expectations are not at all shattered when they reach here. There couldn't be a better way to start your day with the early morning Ganga aarti at Har ki Pauri.
The aarti at the bank of river Ganga will install all the positivity and energy you will need to get on the trip. A visit to the Laxman Jhula will literally help you get away from all your problems, tensions and stress, and take you on a ride to internal peace. There are several other options like river rafting, and camping along river ganga where one might live one of the best experiences of their life and also socialize with absolute strangers making new friends.
These places are the best choices for your Solo trips. Don't wait much to experience the best time of your lives.

Himali Nalawade