College Would Not Be Complete Without These Combinations

Let’s just agree that there are some things that without these combinations that we mostly get to see only in college, college life would have been much more boring!
1. Chai and Sutta always goes hand in hand. Always.

1_1  H x W: 0 x 
2. The security guards in college were hired to secure college from students without ID cards than thieves or thugs.

2_1  H x W: 0 x

3. Tell the truth, how many times have you touched the storage of your bench and encountered a half chewed bubble-gum stuck to the surface?? Eww..

3_1  H x W: 0 x

4. All-nighters just before deadlines wouldn’t be possible without those generous cups of coffee!

4_1  H x W: 0 x

5. The unsaid rule of college life is that a scooter is made for minimum 3 people to squeeze on. Not just two.

5_1  H x W: 0 x

6. How many times have we partied on a Sunday night and regretted the next morning after remembering your deadlines?

5_1  H x W: 0 x 

7. Don’t mean to put salt on the wounds, but how many times have made those elaborate plans for a road trip to Goa. Did you make that plan happen yet? Yeah, me neither.

7_1  H x W: 0 x 

- Shravya Kulkarni