3 Healthy Meal Ideas for a Sick Day

 We all have those down days when we do not feel like cooking and just binge on unhealthy junk food which we know is probably going to make you feel worse after. Which is why, I have got you covered with some healthy recipes you can make when you’re not feeling your best. These are easy to make, are incredibly healthy for you, and taste amazing. It is best to stick to eating the healthiest food you can, during this fateful pandemic. I know a burger and fries can seem the way to go sometimes, but when you really want to go for a healthier food option, you can try these.

SOUP_1  H x W:  
Any kind of soup is one of the best things one can have on a sick day. They warm, filling and nourishing. Chicken noodle soup is a popular sick day meal, but the noodle in it is not the best for you. Opt out the noodle, and add to it lemon juice, ginger, and a lot of spinach or cabbage and it will instantly level up the health factor of the soup. A few other healthy soup options are ones with a lot of lentils and beans. If one wants to add some carbs in there, you can throw in some pasta which will definitely make you soup a little more appetizing. Soups are an easy way to incorporate vitamins in your diet, like the vitamin A, vitamin C, and also a lot of potassium and calcium.

TOAST_1  H x W: 
When you’re feeling down, and really do not feel like cooking, there is nothing easier than making toast topped with your favorite healthy ingredients. The best ones to pair with toast would be eggs, cheese, mushrooms, avocado, and many more. This is an ideal meal for this situation, as it easy, takes no time to make, and is filled with healthy nutrients and is super nourishing. If you want to make eat your toast sweeter, you can have it topped with yogurt and blueberries. Another great and filling way to make your toast is with nut butter and banana slices. Honestly, the world is your canvas when it comes to a piece of toast!

rice_1  H x W:  
Another incredibly versatile ingredient is rice, and you can make countless number of recipes with this. Daal rice is a go to for Indians for a sick day, as it is warm and filled with proteins that help you revive and are not too hard on your body. Some other simple rice recipes are a simple fried rice, lemon rice and pulao. Some things to make your rice more protein rich, and go really well with rice are shredded chicken, shrimp or prawns, and boiled egg. Adding these to your rice will always produce splendid end results and will leave you with an easy, wholesome meal.
These were some of my favorite things to work with for meals on a sick day, or a day when I really don’t feel like cooking a lot but still want to eat on the healthier side. Meals do not get easier than this. All of them are filled with nutrients and everything that is good for your health, and they taste great. I am sure you will love them. I hope you will try out some of these, and that these gave you some fresh ideas on something fresh to make!
Kinjal Dixit