10 Life Lessons we can learn from the web series 'Money heist '

Money heist also known as 'La Casa de Papel' is a Spanish television crime-drama series. The series was originally aired in Spanish network in 2017. Netflix later acquired the right to stream it globally.
The series focused on a mysterious character named The Professor who plans something big and quirky :to carry out the biggest robbery in history in Spain.
This web series teaches us many knowledgeable lessons which we should apply in our life. All the characters in the series have a unique personality which upskill us.
Here are some the Life lessons that we can learn from the web series money heist -

backup plan_1   

prioritize_1  H 

raise your opinions_1&nbs

know your strenghts_1&nbs
be prepared for challange
research before execute_1
stay consistent_1 &n

learn from experiences_1& 
plan before start_1 
STAY _1  H x W: 
- Moulshree Sarwate