Why Are Students Turning to Addictions to Deal with Stress?

With all the Bollywood and drugs buzz going on, the real face of the consumption of drug use in Maharashtra is finally coming into the limelight.
No matter if someone is from Bollywood or not, drugs have been used as a medium of escape for many youngsters of the generation. There are many factors involved in the sudden growth in demand for drugs amongst youngsters and that is a concerning issue that needs some attention and a probable solution.

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Over the past few years, India has gone under many revolutions on a social level. From growing awareness about mental illness to educational reforms with the expansion of opportunities in out of the box careers for example, a full time Youtuber.
Earlier with the absence of social media and lack of smartphones, students had no exposure and hence the idea of enjoyment in college was a friend’s treat, or bike rides.

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But with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, one can find out information about anything in this world with the click of a button. Hence, unnecessary exposure piled with a lot of stress and performance pressure leads to a student’s search for short cuts to deal with the same. There are other personal and social aspects involved to this like parental issues, societal pressures and also peer pressure to some extent. With the growing economy and changing lifestyle, people got more engrossed in their office life than at home which created a gap between communication in family members. With nowhere to express your emotions without having the fear of being judged to dealing with the fast paced lifestyle, people started looking for an easy way out and they found it in alcohol and drugs. This not only creates a hindrance in their social wellbeing but also takes a toll on their physical health. Youngsters are unable to deal with stressful situations and hence are seeking the help of an external stimuli to deal with their own mind.
This has created a rather eyebrow raising opinion about the millennial generation. But are they the real culprits? Or the only culprits? Or are several grey shades behind this fixed perspective. Before this lifestyle gets normalized and the downfall of humanity commences, this issue needs to be dealt with a sensitive heart and a logical mind.
Students seeking the help of external stimuli should be guided into living a better lifestyle than being shunned by the society as a waste. Only then, humans will be able to co-exist and seek the help of each other and chemicals.
-Shravya Kulkarni