Write down what is in your mind... It helps…



Sometimes we have too many thoughts in our mind. And it all gets messed up. We get so much confused that what to think and what not to think about. At such times it gets easier when you clean up your mind with penning down these thoughts. Journaling is a way to help yourself to understand what you want, what are your priorities and what is to be done. So writing down your thoughts can help you in many ways.

Too many thoughts about a particular thing: Sometimes we have too many thoughts about a particular thing. For ex. Savings. We have so many options of savings like FDR, Mutual Funds, Bank deposit, post office, and whatnot. We get so many advices and eventually, it creates a lot of mess in our mind. Writing down these thoughts, these options, their pros, and cons can really help us to choose what is best for us. It is a bit time taking process, but yes pen and paper can really help you to decide what you want.



your goals and plans: So we all have some goals and plans, be it related to our work, profession, and office or be it our personal growth goals and plans, they all are important, but many times we tend to forget about it because A. they are too many and B. We can think of one plan or activity at a time, so when we write it down we have a database of our goals, timeline that we had set up for that and the list of all goals and plans to prioritize it. With this practice, we can decide which plan we have to execute first, and which goal needs to be completed asap. In short, you can sort out any kind of confusion with writing it down. 


Mental and Emotional Health:
It helps you to be mentally and emotionally healthy and release your stress. Well, that’s a great pro of writing things down. Sometimes you are too much stressed out, and sometimes you don’t have someone to talk about it or simply you can not tell that or you don’t want to talk about it, at such times writing it down in your diary or notebook can help you to release your stress and because of that, it helps you to be more mentally and emotionally fit. And later on, if you want to you can just cut/burn those papers or you can store it as a memory. 

There are so many benefits of journaling or simply writing down your thoughts. Trust me it helps, be it your college stress, your travel plans, your fight with friends or any random thought you may have, just write it down. You never know what magic it can do. 

- Niharika Pole Sarwate