20 goals for 2020…


2020 is started and we are all set for this amazing year. We thought that sharing our basic goals for 2020 might help you as well. Making smaller goals can help you achieve your big goals. So quickly getting to the point. Here are the quick and healthy 20 goals for 2020. Let’s begin with it.


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1. Plant one small plant: Now that’s a very simple goal. Plant a small plant. But what comes with it is, to take responsibility for that plant for throughout. “Kar ke dekho.. Achha Lagta hai..”

2. Try to save 20% more: Ok so well know that saving is a must and it should be an utmost priority for us. And looking at the economic conditions we must think about it seriously. So make sure that you will save 20% more than what you are saving now. It will be helpful for all. 

3. Visit at least 3 new places: Travelling is therapy and one must try it every year. But not just once at least three times, that too three new different places. Isn’t that amazing? Do try it. You will understand investing in traveling will make you richer by experiences. 

4. Read one new book every month: Read.. and read something good. As Margaret Fuller said once “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” one must develop a habit of reading. And to start that you can read one book per month and with this, you will be able to read 12 amazing books in this 2020, Isn’t that superb? Do start reading. 

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5. Help one person: Well this might seem very easy, but trust me it is not. Making difference to one needy person is something that you can do in this new year. Maybe it is adopting one child’s education, Maybe it is helping someone with books and winter clothes or anything. Just make difference to one life, one needy life and they will bless you for your entire life. 

6. Do some online courses: Now you will say “We are already tired of studying, and reading and everything.” Well, you never stop learning right? So just to learn something new try some nice online courses. Any field. In whichever field you have an interest, just do some good online courses and you are all set to explore something new. You never know you can make a huge career because of it. 

7. Learn 3 new recipes: Ok so cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it is the basic need of life. Irrespective of which gender you belong to, You must know basic cooking skills, So if you have to live alone at some point of time in your life you will be able to survive that to deliciously. For that make sure you learn 3 new recipes this year. Any recipe, whatever you like to eat. 

8. Write something creative every month: Writing about your experiences, feelings, makes you more creative, and positive. Similarly writing something creatives gives you the power to raise your voice, to say something, and that is incredible. So try to write something creative every month. Maybe about a place where you have visited, or something new that you have tried, or a new hobby that you have discovered, or about your college fest or something that you love. Just write. 

9. Learn new poems: Ok so this is something very personal, or hobby related. But the poems are beautiful. And learning new literature will make you more creatively educated. Poems will take you to the world you have never visited. So in this 2020 learn and by heart some beautiful poems. They will make you happy I am sure. 

10. Watch some great movies: Mostly people love watching movies. But here I am not talking only about Bollywood movies. Watching some great movies in Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam in all languages gives you different kinds of experience. Watch and learn. Watch some amazing short films they teach you a lot. So make your 2020 movielicious. 

11. Try to adopt 3 healthy habits: In 1 year’s span, this is quite easy. Apply 21/90 rule. To adopt a new habit it takes 21 days and to make it a lifestyle it takes 90 days. So apply this rule and adopt 3 healthy habits. Like a morning walk, Lemon water every morning, Ditching junk food or anything. Be healthy be happy. 

12. Have something of your own: Here I am not talking about buying something expensive like a bike or car or a house or something like that. Have something of your own means having your own blog or having your own dance class or having a creative corner at your home, having your own kitchen garden, or having your own diary. Anything like that. Just make sure you will have something of your own in this 2020. 

13. Learn 5 new things about your career: In whichever field you are working or you aspire to work, learn 5 new things about your field. Either you can learn it on your own or you can take some help like online courses or some classes, but learn these new things in this new year. That will make you grow in your career for sure. 

14. Drop one wrong habit of yours: Now this is very tough I know, but as you are adopting 3 new habits 1 bad habit chhodna to banta hai bhai. So again follow 21 days’ rules. As not having sugar for 21 days or cigarettes or drinks. Sleeping till late or anything that is not good for health or your life. Drop your one bad or wrong habit in this new year. 

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15. Spend some more time with family:
We are so busy with our schedules, that sometimes we forget to spend that quality time with our family. Or we tend to spend very little time with the people we love. So this year make sure that you will spend more quality time with your family and make it memorable.

16. Drop using one item of plastic: To make our society more eco-friendly, I feel everyone must do their own small contribution. In this new year, you can drop using one plastic item. Be it plastic straw, plastic cutlery, or polythene or any other plastic item. Let us do our Lil bit. Let just make this earth more sustainable. 

17. Reduce your screen time by 15 mins: Nowadays we all are surrounded by so many gadgets. Mobile, Tab, I pad, TV, Alexa and what not. It consumes a lot of space in our minds, and eventually, it kills our creativity. So to be more productive, creative and positively active you can reduce your screen time by 15 mins. At least you can start from those 15 mins and later on increase the reduction time, I know sounds confusing, but do try. 

18. Try 5 DIY creatives: Creating something by your own hands will give you immense happiness. Be it some creative things on your shelf or in your living room. You can create your own pen or mobile stand or there are huge DIY ideas available on youtube. Try at least 5 DIY things in this new year and decorate your home with your own creativity. 

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19. Engage yourself in some kind of social activity: This can be a nice plan in this new year for socializing. Be it cleaning drive, Society gathering, orphanage / Old age home visits or anything. Try to do something for society, it will make you a happier person. 

20. Takeout more time for yourself: Many times we forget to take out some ME time. And we end up feeling exhausted, irritated or stuck up. So try to take out some more ME time in this new year 2020. It will make you more creative. 

These are 20 goals for 2020 and I am sure they will help you to plan your year in advance. When you will achieve these goals, the smile that will come on your face is priceless. Try it and all the best.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate