A letter to self...


New year, new beginnings, new challenges and what not! We have seen a lot of WhatsApp forwards, inspiring stories and everything of that kind. It feels really optimistic to see people staying happy and helping others to match the speed of life. But my question stays, is it really needed?

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Don't take any of my statements in a negative manner but what has changed in 2019 and 2020? The last 2 digits in the calendar? The so-called decade? Or is it really the way you look towards life?

Well, the thing which really needs to change should be the approach towards each and everything in life. We take everything lightly and don't give importance to the things which are really important.

We possess that typical Indian attitude of "Kar lenge yaar" in everything. In "We's" there are many "I's". Starting with myself, I'll like if each and everyone tries something different this year.

According to me, we should first think of ourselves rather than others. While completing what the crowd demands we often forget that we have an individual identity. If you stay happy from inside then you can give happiness to others.

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Staying happy and achieving your targets, goals, and objectives are often contradictory in the minds of people. They forget that you can achieve all you want by staying happy.


You do your work only when the urge comes from within and when that urge leads you, you can achieve nothing but perfection. In this rat race, we often underestimate ourselves and doubt our capacities. This year I'll make sure, I try my best to do things that are not my cup of tea. I'll try something different, something out of the way, something creative.

I'll try to add values to my knowledge and increase my vocabulary, not to be bookish but for improving my language.

There is a lot of frustration hidden inside us which we don't show a proper outlet and it affects our behavior and level of patience.

I think each and everyone should find some or the other way to let that frustration out. I think alcohol and smoking is not the correct way. It is good or bad depends on each person's way of thinking.

There are going to be people who will help you but you need to help yourselves first. Remember you are your best friend first. Keep motivating yourself and treat yourself when you do something noteworthy. Finally, stay happy and try to enjoy every moment of life. Spread positivity and try to make someone's day.

Because, "Babumoshay, zindagi lambi nahi, badi honi chahiye!"

- Atharva Aagashe