A big NO-NO to these 5 things while traveling to a Beach Place


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We all love beaches. Don’t we? The tan, the wind, the sand, the waves and all the beautiful dresses you can wear at the beaches, all sounds good right. But often we make mistakes when we travel to any beach place. So say a big NO-NO to these 5 mistakes while traveling to any beach place. 

1. Carrying a big handbag: Well if you are traveling alone you have to carry a bag with you, but make sure that bag is a bag pack or sack and not a handbag because sometimes it may possible you can damage your bag on sad or in the water or your towels and wet cloths may not fit into it, so make sure you will carry a nice bag pack and not a big handbag. Because sometimes it is really difficult to carry it to the beach sight and then you always have to check your bag. Better do not carry much stuff just be into your comfy swimsuit or something, carry a towel sunscreen and you are all set. 

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2. Shoes: Well you all might know that you can not wear your normal shoes on the beach but yet sometimes we make this mistake and then our shoes get damaged, or it gets full of sand and then cleaning them is something that you should not even imagine. So better safe than sorry. Wear slippers, Flip Flops or any beach chappals, that will help you to prevent sand burn and yet you can walk comfortably in it. 

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3. Jewelry: Many times girls do this mistake. To match with the dress sometimes girls wear a nice neckpiece or ring with that beach dress and then sometimes it gets lost in the water or you may just drop it somewhere on the sand, and finding a small piece of jewelry on the white beautiful sand is quite a task. So better go empty, have fun. Sometimes having hasslefree fun is much more IMP than matching something with your dress. 

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4. Camera: I understand people love to get clicked on the beach, the view is super beautiful and sunset just make you click that one picture, but when you are a solo traveler or you travel with your partner and both of you wants to go into that beautiful blue ocean, handling camera gets difficult. You always keep an eye on your camera that is it safe or not. So it is better to carry your phone with you rather than carrying a big SLR or DSLR. 

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5. Watch:
Some people have this regular habit of wearing a watch, but when you go to any beach location it is always safe to not to wear it because A you might lose it or B you might damage it with the water (if you do not have a waterproof watch) So why to take a risk. Just go empty-handed and have fun. 

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These are the 5 basic things that you have to keep in mind while visiting a beach location. Say No to these things and have fun.