Where Else Diner.. A perfect place to have fun

  • Location- Pune


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    Where Else Diner is one of the most extraordinary and unique places to visit in Pune as it is pet-friendly and itself is home to two beautiful, enchanting cats. They even have a separate pet menu for those who wish to treat their pet babies with something special and different to eat. It is set in a row house in the airport area of Viman Nagar in Pune and the décor is quite well done and looks elegant yet catchy. Outdoor as well as indoor seating is available and if the cats are awake then customers are allowed to play with the cats who are absolutely human-friendly. 

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    Keeping the student dominated crowd of Pune in mind, they provide free Wi-Fi to all their diners. To begin with, Where Else serves one of the best Hot Chocolate in town. Customers can choose to make it as per their own taste with the options of dark or milk chocolate and the consistency having options like Milky, In the Middle and Extra Rich. The Hot Chocolate is extremely soothing to the throat, especially during the cold season. Other beverages include Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Chai, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Milkshakes, Chocolate Shakes, Iced Teas, Mojitos and mocktails. The breakfast menu displays a spread of Omelettes and eggs cooked in various styles. Pancakes are available on the menu too and they taste unquestionably fresh, soft and spongy. Pancakes are served with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Starters include delicacies from diverse cuisines like Onion Rings, Bruschetta, Cray Cray Chilli Chicken, BBQ Chicken Wings, Bacon Cheese Poppers, Crispy Prawns in Cocktail Sauce and Fish Fingers. Burgers and Fries are given a twist and have been modified to create exclusive combinations and flavors like the Cheese Oozy Burger, Where Else Buff Burger, BBQ Pulled Pork Burger, Lamb Chilli Fries, and Bacon Cheese Fries. Sandwiches and Hot Dogs comprise of finger-licking items like Fiery Cottage Cheese Sandwich, Chicken Mayo Mustard Sandwich, Club Sandwich, Texan Hot Dog, and the Cheese Chilli Hot Dog. The pasta comes in a large quantity and tastes heavenly, the favorites being Spaghetti Bolognese Lamb and Spaghetti in Pink Sauce. 

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    In the main menu, Steaks, Chicken Schnitzel, Thai Curry and Rice and Fish & Chips are available. An additional Parsi menu is also displayed consisting of the famous Dhansak Biryani, Khurchan, Sali Marghi, etc. Exquisite and exotic desserts like Chocolate Mousse, Tres’ Leches and Apple Pie with Ice Cream are on the menu. And for your beloved pet animals, Chopstix, Chicken Bones, Blueberry and Carrot Sticks, and Broth & Rice are available. The service is pretty fast and they make all the food on the spot. The pricing is quite reasonable and the ambiance is lovely.

  • Rating-

    Décor- 4/5

    Food- 4.5/5

    Service- 3.5/5

    Ambiance- 4/5

    Pricing- 4/5

    - Review by Astha Mamtani