Hostelites के बीच में फसे हुए Localites


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In Okay Bro, Yo Bro, Love you Bro, No Dude, Yes Dude; we localites are struck at "Aee are Kay challay hyancha?" (What are these guys up to?)

But there is one thing amongst the hostelites which attracts me a lot. It is the bonding between these people which keeps them intact and connected emotionally. They stand for each other no matter what the situation is.

Enjoying birthdays at 12, dancing on the most energetic songs and singing the stupidest tunes has ought to be so much fun. Being a localite, I always had that type of attraction of staying at the hostel and enjoying the freedom. No parents to shout at you saying," Chal, abhyaas kar." ("Go and Study")

Then comes the weak point of the hostel students which is "Ghar Ka Khaana." The way these guys observe and approach us when they see our tiffins and taste the food with the happiest emotions ever is when I feel extremely lucky for being a localite.


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The fun fact is that the hostelites literally LIVE college life together. They share each and every moment, be it of happiness or sorrow. May it be the 2 dogs in the hostel campus or marking the presence at 10 pm.

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Reaching to the college by traveling 16 km is easy sometimes but walking 400 meters is as difficult as climbing the Everest. One thing which I can never experience is the fun and pleasure of bunking a lecture and sleeping peacefully in the bed when there is no one to wake you up and force you to go to college.

Hostel Life definitely teaches you one thing; that one person who stays in your room is always there to listen to your tantrums, heartbreaks and even the utmost level of excitement you might have over a very small thing. That person definitely becomes your best friend and your main pillar of strength.

The main quality which hostelites learn is being responsible. They have to manage everything and anything, as there is no Papa or Maa to help them. From managing their laundry clothes to saving money for their best friend's birthday, they learn a lot about life.

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They get good food in the mess ( Well, this statement will always be controversial) but will have to keep their room clean all by themselves.

A lot more things are there which localites won't understand or won't be able to deal with but are these things will turn out to be like daily bread butter for the hostelites.

So, hats off to all those who handle the problems in the hostels and all the best to the localites for handling traffic, messed up roads, rejection from rickshaw waala's and many more !

  • Atharva Agashe